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Pig Mountain 2013PIG MOUNTAIN IS COMING! So are our pigs... AND our FALL CSA!

Chef, Heather Carlucci, is at it again! On August 24th, she's shutting down Main Street in Narrowsburg, cooking up 14 pigs with 14 chefs, hosting a gaggle of local farms and businesses, and staging 3 acts of live music - all for YOUR enjoyment! Tickets are only $30, so what are you waiting for?? Go grab 'em! 

Sean and Cheyenne, owners of Root 'N Roost Farm, will be there performing in TWO bands and hosting their farm at a table during the event, selling veggies, herbs, flowers, eggs, and crafts. Root 'N Roost has been with Pig Mountain since it started three years ago and wouldn't miss it for the world! The dishes these chefs create are TOP NOTCH, the music is local, original, and ROCKIN', and we love getting to enjoy it!

Speaking of pigs - Our piglets are READY! We have 7, 8, and 9 week old oinkers ready for new homes. If you've ever wanted your own living rototiller, now's the time! Our piglets are raised on organic feed, pastured, and live out in the open with their moms and dad. 
We have Yorkshire/Berkshire crosses and Berkshire/Tamworth/Duroc crosses available. We'll have fresh pork, USDA-inspected-facility-processed by October 21st. Please contact us now if you're interested and/or for more details.

Our FALL CSA is now open for applications! It starts the middle of October and runs until Christmas, and with our new greenhouse that's going up soon, this year's Fall CSA is sure to be loaded with lots of farm fresh produce lovin'! It costs $400 for a full share, $250 for a half share, and as a CSA member you get discounts on our other farm products! Check it out before it's too late and fills up!

Root 'N Roost Farm StandAt The Farm Stand: This week we'll have fresh tomatoes, string beans, herbs, squash, greens, flowers, whole frozen chickens, and possibly duck eggs (they've been selling out every week!). Stop down for a farm tour, or just say hello! 

Can't make it on the weekend? Well, just call us and make an appointment to stop in, or order some of our farm fresh products. You can also just email us to find out what's shakin' at the farm and what's available. We love to hear from our customers, old and new!

Turkeys!Turkey Orders now being taken!

We grow Giant White turkeys from one day old poults to finish, process them ourselves on the farm, and have them ready for you as fresh as they can be, just in time for the holidays! Our organically raised turkeys are $6 per pound, hormone / antibiotic / synthetic chemical free and raised humanely,  ALWAYS! Turkey orders require a $20 deposit, with the remainder due at pick-up (roughly the weekend before Thanksgiving day). We will sell out, so contact us asap! And don't forget - if you are a Fall CSA customer, you're entitled to a 10% discount on our turkeys!

Fresh chicken now available!  

We have another batch of our delicious and nutritious, organically raised chickens now available at our farm stand, with ducks and turkeys not far behind. Chickens are $6 per pound and worth every dollar! Why eat arsenic ridden, industrialized chicken that's travelled days to get to the super market? Cheaper prices - sure, but can you put a price on your health? Contact us if you'd like to purchase any of our poultry, but be aware this is on a first come, first served basis - UNLESS YOU RESERVE! Our organically raised chickens go fast, so be sure to get yours asap!

We have piglets for sale for the rest of the summer, 7,8, and 9 weeks of age! And we'll have cuts of our organically pastured raised pork available starting on October 21st, first come, first served!

Why settle for industrialized meat that's grown with growth hormones, antibiotics, and synthetic chemicals that are surely a detriment to you and your family's health, when you can have locally grown, organically fed and naturally raised pork?!? Sure it costs more, but have you ever priced CANCER? The national and international food systems are broken, loaded with chemicals and inhumane practices - and that's half the reason we're in business! We're farming to bring fresh, organically, humanely grown foods to our neighbors and community members! Come see how we do it on a farm tour of our farm!

Pork Prices:Market Cuts (ribs, chops, loin, shoulders, hocks) are $4.50 / lb. 
Sausage (breakfast, sweet italian, hot italian, etc..) are $6 / lb.
Ham and sausage is $6 / lb., Bacon is $10 / lb.
Piglets: $150

Whole Roaster Pigs are $4 / lb. hanging weight (slaughtered and cleaned), plus slaughter fee of $100 at 75 lbs hanging weight, $150 at 125 lbs. hanging weight, and $200 above 125 lbs hanging weight. Please contact us if you want to order or if you have any questions.
And, we're almost done working out the details of meat CSA for the fall and winter! YUMMY YUM YUM!!!!!

Contact us with any questions, or to reserve your piglet, pork cuts, chicken, duck or turkey now!


Have a Wonderful Summer and Thank You for your continued support!
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Natural Contents Kitchen

What's shakin' at 
The Natural Contents' Kitchen

Farm Fresh Real Food
& Healthy Indulgences
Prepared & Delivered Weekly

NCK proudly sources organic, non-GMO and naturally gluten free
ingredients from regional farms and food producers rooted in organic
practice. Additional ingredients are sourced from small businesses and
independent national brands participating in sustainable business.
Artificial sweeteners, colors, preservatives, additives, refined
sugars and flours are never used for an Eat Better Feel Better
approach to living.

Every Thursday, our Weekly Menu is posted and emailed highlighting the
upcoming week's selection of freshly prepared seasonal and health
conscious food. Orders are due Saturday by 6pm for Tuesday delivery.
From polenta cakes, vegan lasagna, veggie burgers and hummus to fresh nut milks, granola, My Lovin' Muffins and Raw Healthy Indulgences, everyone is sure to find something to enjoy. Sign up to receive notification of NCK's Weekly Menu release.

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Current Delivery Locations include:

North Branch, NY - The Old North Branch Inn, 11:30 to 12pm
Bethel, NY - Duggan School Parking Lot (Behind Town Hall), 12:30 to 1pm
Office Delivery - Monticello, Harris, Liberty (by pre-arrangement), 1:15 to 1:45pm
Liberty, NY - Green Door Magazine Headquarters, 1:45 to 2:00pm
Youngsville, NY - Catskill Mountainkeeper, 2:15 to 2:30pm
Narrowsburg, NY - Delaware Valley Arts Alliance, 4:15 to 4:30pm
Hawley, PA - The Healing Zone, 5pm
Honesdale, PA - Quality Printing & Design, 5:45pm

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WholeShare info and reminder!

Are you looking for more local, regional, non-gmo sustainable/organic/natural products? The third ordering cycle is just around the corner! Our Wholeshare online bulk food club is a great way for you to get even more healthy options that you can't find in local super markets! 

Wholeshare is a really amazing way to shop from the comfort of your home!   It's FREE and as simple as 1-2-3.
1. Click this link and join our group - FOR FREE!
2. Browse through the OVER 3000 local and regional items. You can join or create a "split" of bulk items (e.g. grains, pasta, meats, canned items, juice, etc...) or just buy individual items without splitting them.
3. Pick-up the items you ordered when you get your CSA share at our farm.
Contact us with any questions you might have.

CSA Info:

Community Support Agriculture is a farming program that connects consumers directly with our farm. You pay a one-time share fee at the beginning of the growing season to help us offset season start-up and operating expenses (seeds, tools, materials, labor, etc...) and in return, you enjoy a weekly distribution of farm fresh produce throughout our CSA season at a reduced price! Check out our website for more information.