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CSA shareWhat the heck is a CSA anyway?!?

Basically, Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, means you the consumer get farm-fresh products all season long by paying upfront for the estimated cost of those products. Each week, you'll get a big bag of seasonal produce, herbs, flowers, and other farm products as they become available for a one-time share buy-in at the beginning of the season. Our CSA runs from June 14th through September 23rd - 16 weeks worth of farm-fresh products for you and your family to enjoy during the growing season! It helps us, the farmers, with start-up costs and ensures we can continue producing without the worry of selling our products at stores, markets, etc... essentially, you become a partner in our farm!

Some history: CSA's started back in the 1960's as a direct response to growing concerns about  the safety of food and the effects of modern agriculture on societies around the world. Pesticides, packaging, transportation, price fluctuations, food shortages, and many other problems sparked a movement of people from around the world to come up with solutions to these problems by partnering with local farms and food producers to provide products locally, sustainably, and without all the inputs that large agriculture required. By the early 1980's, CSAs found their way to the United States and now thousands of farms across the country offer up similar programs that put their products directly into the hands of neighbors and community members at lower prices by getting paid for the products before the season even starts! Sort of like a stock market for farm-fresh food, CSAs provide farmers with start-up capital and customers with the guarantee of local, fresh products directly from farmers they know and see. Some farms (such as ours) even offer discounts on other products, free farm tours, the ability to save money on the share cost by doing work-trade on the farm and learning how to farm yourself, as well as a host of other possibilities.

Our farm's CSA is a great way for you to ensure you get access to our produce all summer (and fall) long at an affordable price by buying a "share" of the CSA now to help us with our season start-up costs. Applications can be downloaded from our website here. The deadline to enroll is May 20th. 50% deposit is due by then, and the remainder is due by June 14th, the start of the CSA distribution.


How much is in a "share"? A typical full share contains enough produce to feed a family of two to four people for roughly one week, depending on your eating habits. Between 5 to 15 pounds of seasonal produce, herbs, and flowers is included. Typically there are between 5 to 15 varieties of items in each share distribution and range in diversity based on what's in season at the time. At the start, many leafy greens, small roots (carrots, beets, radishes), and spring herbs are widely available and as the season progresses, a more diverse array of products are included such as tomatoes, potatoes, garlic, squash, beans, and much more!

When do I get my share? From June 14th to September 23rd (16 shares over the 16 weeks) you share is available every week on either Friday or Sunday between 4pm and 7pm at our farm (or we can delivery to you at $0.55 per mile to/from your location).

How do I get my share? You can either pick it up at our farm or have it delivered for an additional nominal fee. When you apply you decide if you want to pick it up on Friday or Sunday (between 4pm and 7pm, though we're very flexible so just ask us about alternate times).

How much does a share cost? We offer "Full" shares and "Half" shares. Full shares are $600 for the 16 weeks, and half shares (which are roughly half the size of a full share) are $350 for the 16 weeks. 

What else do I get? You also receive a 25% discount on our organically raised chicken and duck eggs, a 10% discount on our organically raised poutlry (we do it all ourselves!), a free farm tour to learn about our farm and farming practices, AND, you also receive a free membership to our online bulk buying club, called Wholeshare, which opens up your purchasing options to even MORE local and regional farm-fresh products, pantry items, dried goods, meats, fish, dairy, and so much more! Rest assured you'll be getting, and have access to, the highest quality, freshest selection of farm-fresh products around! Eating healthier couldn't be easier - just log into the Wholeshare website and shop from the comfort of your home! When the order comes in, we divide up the purchases at our farm and when you pick-up (or have delivered) your share, you also receive your Wholeshare order. It's that easy, and there are literally hundreds of uber-healthy items to choose from! It's SO MUCH BETTER than shopping at a grocery store - no lines, no hassles, healthier choices, and you SAVE when you buy products cooperatively with other members of the club!

Questions? If you have any other questions about our CSA program, please don't hesitate to contact us. Thanks!
Thanks for tuning in! We hope to see you soon!

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A full CSA Share
WE'RE OPEN! Farm Fresh Products Now Available At Our Farm: 

Our farm-stand isn't supposed to be open yet, but the weather has been great so we've opened earlier than expected!

+ Chicken Eggs*: $5 per dozen
+ Duck Eggs*: $4 per half dozen or $7 per dozen
+ Bunched spinach, baby spinach, baby lettuce mix, arugula, head lettuce, radishes, oregano, chives, daffodils,: All organically hand-grown!
Farm Tours! We're open on Friday through Sunday, 10am to 5pm for farm tours, or by appointment week-days. See all of our animals, bees, permaculture techniques of growing, re-use building projects, hoop houses, and much more! Kids LOVE it! Contact us now to schedule your own tour! Group tours and week-day tours are by appointment only please. $5 per person, minimum of 4 people.

Are you starting a vegetable garden this year? We're growing transplants for sale again of many of the most popular crops and herbs, and we offer consulting services to help you grow! Our transplants will be available for sale next month, around May 15th. Contact us now to order your favorites or ask us about what we're growing!

Do you have or want your own backyard chickens, ducks, or turkeys? Are you looking to incubate chicks of your own or buy locally raised fowl? We have fertilized chicken and duck eggs for sale from our mixed flock of Arucana, Americana, Barred Rock, Salmon Favorelle, Red Star and Dominique Chickens and French Rouen, Pekin, Cayuga and Black Indian Runner Ducks. We're also incubating our own eggs and will have chicks, ducklings, turkey poults (turkey chicks) available later in the spring. Please contact us directly with your orders or questions.

Getting ready for a pig roast this year or want to put away some local pork?
Root 'N Roost Farm - Piglets! We're raising pigs this year and have Yorkshire, Berkshire, and Tamworth cross breeds available as piglets, half, or whole hogs for summer and fall. Piglets will be weaned and ready for purchase in just 4 short weeks! Please contact us directly with your orders or questions, or stop by to meet our sweet little piggins! There's a limited amount left for order, so contact us quickly before they're all gone!

Our Farm Stand  officially opens on May 15th this year, but we're actually open NOW!
Drop by our farm at 64 Mineral Springs Rd, White Sulphur Springs, NY or phone ahead (845-292-9126) to purchase our early season produce, eggs, or poultry.

Root 'N Roost Farm - Stores we sell in

Stores You Can Find Our Products In

We proudly sell our veggies and eggs at:

Natural Contents Kitchen
Pepacton Natural Foods
Callicoon Natural Foods
Sunflower Health Foods

Shop local and help support our local economy! Thanks :)
We'll also be selling at a Farmer's Market Nutrition Program sponsored Monticello Market starting in June. More info to come!