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Gamification Weekly
The Apple Watch was released yesterday and it looks to be getting favourable reviews, although it does seem that there is room for improvement also. I'm mostly interested in the opportunities the watch provides for gamification, especially in the fitness space. There are already a number of apps like this appearing for the watch and some of them gamified. If you're interested in finding out more Engadget has provided a great roundup of the watch.

Speaking of gamified fitness apps, this week you can find an article about the new Atari Fit app. Also there's a link to a new gamified driving app that rewards safe driving. There's also some interesting research on enterprise gamification and the ethics of gamification. Enjoy!


Guitar Hero Live aims to reshape rhythm games

So this is a very unique twist on the rhythm game genre, instead of an animated audience Guitar Hero Live provides a real one that reacts to your playing.

Gamification: Engaging students with narrative

This article proposes that adding narrative, storyline, a theme, or fun graphics to our classroom lessons and activities might help students become more engaged.

Atari Fit takes gamification to the retro level

Atari has released a new app that provides a gamified fitness experience. You can earn coins for working out and then you use these coins to buy retro games.


AAMI Safe Driver smartphone app

The insurance company AAMI has released a new app to aid on-road performance by tracking and assessing driving skills and then rewarding safe driving behaviour.


Gamification ethics: Exploitation and manipulation

This short paper proposes that gamification is characteristically vulnerable to an expressive form of exploitation and suggests solutions to this problem.

Towards a taxonomy for enterprise gamification 

This research project proposes a new taxonomy for the classification of enterprise gamification that can be used by both researchers and practitioners.


Your kids in Minecraft vs. your kids in real life

If you have kids who play Minecraft then you might be able to relate...
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