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Issue 25 - 22nd November, 2013
I somehow found myself yesterday being chased by a university student and a middle-aged man in business attire. It's okay... the zombie apocalypse hasn't broken out just yet, instead I had downloaded the new Game of Phones app and was putting it to the test. It's a promotional mobile app released by Virgin Mobile that places a number of virtual prizes all around you on a map. You have to physically go to the location of the prize in order to collect it. The best part of it though is that you can steal prizes from other players if you can manage to get close enough to them. Whoever has the prize by the end of the day gets to keep it. And thus I found myself chased around trying to hold onto a prize I collected earlier that day. It was terrifying and exhilarating at the same time, and is also a brilliant marketing tool as it uses Virgin Mobile stores as safe houses that protect players and their rewards for an hour. However again there may be risks involved when chasing people around so take care if you're playing!
This week we have an article that provides 4 tips for gamifying financial services, an excellent research article on player types and gamification, and a masters thesis on gamification in education. 



Gamification becoming a multi-billion dollar way to motivate people

Rajat Paharia, founder of Bunchball, talks about the serious business of gamification in this article, along with the importance that big data plays in well-designed gamification environments. There's an infographic at the bottom of the article as well that some of you might find interesting and useful.

Gamification tips for financial services companies

Here's a great article for those of you interested in using gamification in a financial services context. The author provides four tips to consider, along with a number of examples to support each tip.  



Game of Phones

Summer is coming, and to celebrate Virgin Mobile has released the Game of Phones app, an app that creates a virtual treasure hunt around Australia. You can find loot or steal it from other players. The game is running until the 8th of December, and can be played on both weekdays and weekends.


Player Types and Gamification (pdf)

In issue 24 of Gamification Weekly I shared an article about the misuse of Bartle's player types in a range of different areas. Here's a really worthwhile follow up research paper that specifically discusses the use of player types specifically in gamification.

Promoting Reflective Learning using Gamification (pdf)

This masters thesis investigates whether the use of gamification can improve reflective learning. The results from the study indicate that an increase in motivation was found, specifically in the task of data collection. 

A link to the past

How ‘Gamification’ Can Make Your Customer Service Worse 

Here's a great article from a year ago that talks about how adding gamification could potentially do more harm than good when gamification design focuses on extrinsic rewards. 

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