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Gamification Weekly
So I recently started attending a weekly Park Run near me and already I find it very motivating for a number of reasons: it's free (low barrier to entry), you're running with a group of other keen runners (socialising and competition), and they have a fairly easy to use barcode system which lets you track your times each week (a sense of progress). All of these aspects combined make for a pretty motivating experience... the only hard part is getting out of bed early on the weekend! Of course the whole experience wouldn't be possible without the fantastic volunteers. If you're in Australia you should check it out. 

I also made the move from Runkeeper to Strava this week after I found out about this neat feature from a friend which lets you visualise the race with others using the app. It's a nice addition being able to visually see how you went compared to others doing the same route.


Sony's Folding@Home App Has Been Gamified...

...with badges. The idea behind Folding@home is brilliant - you can lend your spare computing power for research. However, it would be interesting to investigate further if adding badges helps encourage use or if it undermines any feelings of purpose.

Gamification: The Pursuit of Progression

A great article that pulls apart the term gamification, discusses gamification design, and then finishes by looking at a few interesting examples. 

The Dangers of Gamification

Here's an interesting opinion piece that discusses the dangers of gamification by drawing from personal experiences. Do you agree?



I only just came across Tradehero this week. It's a clever premise â€“ you receive virtual cash to trade using real life stock market movements. Also, badges.


Gamification of Online Surveys

This research paper investigates the design of a gamified online survey, presents a case study, and evaluates it with two different groups of participants.

Integration of Gamification and Creativity in Engineering Design

This paper investigates the use of gamification as a means of expanding opportunities for creativity and to encourage student innovation. 


Game of Drones (video)

It's like a real life videogame!
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