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Gamification Weekly
Lots of interesting news this week. First up, Swarm has brought back mayorships! For those of you who haven't heard of Swarm - it's a relatively new break-off app from foursquare that provides the social check-in function that foursquare used to provide (it's a long story). Anyway, they simplified mayorships in Swarm when they released it but have since brought them back. It will be interesting following this reintroduction to see whether or not it has an impact.

Jawbone has also introduced a new competitive gameplay element called Duels, which is similar to the challenges that Fitbit currently provide. Additionally there is some interesting research this week and a somewhat unique proposal for a 2016 calendar right at the end. Click on that last link only if you dare...


Swarm mayorships are back

Mayorships were a huge part of foursquare and it was a bit of a surprise when they were downsized in Swarm. But now they're back! Great news? Or too little too late? 

How Gamification ‘Taps into What Makes Us Human’ (Video)

In this interview Kevin Werbach discusses the new book he has co-authored with Dan Hunter, as well as effective gamification use, pitfalls, and examples.

Meerkat reminds users that it has a points system

Meerkat is a video-streaming app (similar to Periscope) that includes a points and leaderboard system that they've now decided to make available to all users.


Jawbone: Duels

Jawbone undertook some research and came up with a new feature for their app: Duels. These are head-to-head step battles that last for a fixed amount of time. 


A Taxonomy of Motivational Affordances

This research paper outlines a taxonomy of motivational affordances for meaningful gamified and persuasive technologies. 

Playing with Gameful Activities and Assessments

This paper introduces a course designed to include game-based elements, specifically avatars and experience points, as a way to engage learners. 


Men of game development 2016 Calendar (Kickstarter) 

Move over firefighters, there's a new entry for sexiest 2016 calendar next year.
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