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Gamification Weekly
This week you can find a number of really interesting articles - a few opinion pieces, a link to an upcoming gamification MOOC and a very engaging first aid learning experience. Enjoy!


Gamification harnesses the power of games to motivate

An interesting article on gamification by Kevin Werbach with plenty of excellent examples and some design tips as well thrown in for good measure.

Using gamification to create immersive learning communities

This week Monica Cornetti interviews An Coppens and together they discuss the use of gamification to create immersive learning communities.

Motivating through games

Here's a great little article that begins by talking about a clever design to encourage the return of visitor passes and then comments generally on gamification. 

Gamification Design MOOC

Boasting an impressive list of gamification experts, this course aims to teach the basics of gamification, focusing on how to design gamified experiences in real life.


Lifesaver - Interactive first aid videos

This interactive experience delivers first aid information in an incredibly engaging way by using engaging visuals, quizzes, and game-like activities. 


Distributed pervasive worlds: The case of exergames (pdf)

Combining a board game with sensor-enhanced physical activity, this research proposes Running Othello, which aims to motivate players to be physically active.

An online badging system supporting educators learning (pdf)

This paper investigates how a digital badging system was used as part of an informal, professional development project with teachers and the effect it had.


Pixels - yep, it’s a movie with real life game Pac-Man

...and of course it totally has Adam Sandler in it.
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