Hello Europe!

I'm currently escaping the Australian heat and residing in Barcelona for a few weeks while I put together my first online course. I've recorded all the lessons, so now I'm in full on edit mode. Stay tuned for an update soon.

While I'm over here in Europe I'll also be speaking at two gamification conferences!

The first is Gamification Europe which will be held in Amsterdam from Nov 26-27. The lineup features notable gamification industry leaders including Marigo Raftopolous, An Coppens and Andrzej Marczewski. 

The second conference is GamifyUs which will be held in Sweden on Dec 5. The lineup includes the gamification veteran Yu-kai Chou and many other excellent speakers.

Both conferences are worth attending and if you make it to one or both then make sure to come say hi! 👋

If you want to buy tickets you can find a discount code for both conferences below in the upcoming events section. 

In the news below we see two Black Mirror episodes come to life, one in the form of a social credit rating system and the other where you can control another person! 

Finally, if you're planning on attending the ACE conference you might want to first read the post from Sebastian Deterding outlining the recent controversy that has led to the #boycottACE movement. 

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16 different apple logos

Apple gamifies their event invitation

For Apple events an invitation is usually sent out to the media that has an image, tagline and event details. Pretty straightforward. However, for their upcoming Oct 2018 event they did something a little different by using the popular "collection" game mechanic...
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Upcoming events

Gamification Europe - November 26-27, Netherlands

A 2 day conference and networking event for gamification and engagement professionals. You can use the code ZAC10 for a 10% discount on tickets.

GamifyUs 2018 - December 5, Sweden

With a focus on social impact and finance, this 1 day conference in Sweden aims to address the issue of how to change behaviour in an efficient way. You can use the code ambassador for a 25% discount on tickets.


Blacklisted In China - Planet Money Ep. 871

If you're in the dark about China's Social Credit System, or just confused about what it is, then I highly recommend listening to NPRs new episode that details what it is and what it could mean for China.

MIT lets you play a game for Halloween where you control a real person

In something that sounds like it is straight out of a Black Mirror episode, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology created an augmented reality game called BeeMe where players collectively controlled a real person.


#boycottACE and Institutional Corruption

If you are planning to attend the Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology (ACE) conference you may want to first read up on the controversy around the keynote speaker and attacks from general chair and steering committee chair Adrian David Cheok before making your decision.

Gamification Science, Its History and Future: Definitions and a Research Agenda

This paper aims to address common gamification misunderstandings by diving into the philosophical underpinnings of gamification research, looking at the relationship between gamification and games, and helping define gamification science and research concerns.

And finally...

Play Google's Halloween Doodle Game

Happy Halloween! Have you played Google's new multiplayer Halloween doodle game yet? If not then drop your candy and follow the link below.
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