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Gamification Weekly
Issue 33 - 31st January, 2014

So today marks my last day as a full-time phd researcher. While I put the final touches on my thesis over the next couple of months I'll be starting as an associate lecturer at the QUT Games Research and Interaction Design Lab. So to celebrate, this week's newsletter theme is gamification research, documents, and books! Okay, that might not read as super exciting for you but trust me, there are some good links below.

Make sure to check out the Valve's handbook for new employees, the open-access journal of games criticism and the lol my thesis website. 

Journal of Games Criticism: Issue 1

This is a non-profit, peer-reviewed, open-access journal. It aims to respond to video games as cultural artifacts in their own right and produce feed-forward approaches to video games criticism. 

Valve's handbook for new employees (pdf)

Full of images, narrative, and jokes, this handbook for new employees is a lot of fun. More importantly though it gives insight to a uniquely structured workplace. 

Games in Libraries (Book)

Although it's only a preview of the book, the full chapter on "Gamification in Libraries" is available in the preview for free. It provides an introduction to gamification and a focus on how it relates to libraries. 

A Playful Path (Free ebook)

This book provides a collection of tools, narratives and theories to support us in our efforts to come out and play. 

DiGRA 2014 - Deadline Extended

The Call for Participation for DiGRA has been extended and papers, abstracts, panels, and additional submissions, will now be accepted until February 24th.

Gamification for automotive interfaces and vehicles (pdf)
This research paper explores the potential for gamification to be used in automative user interfaces and vehicle functions. A gamified automotive exploration and practicing framework is presented. 

Data Science Practice and Education through Gameful Experiences (pdf)

Learn2Mine is an education and analysis platform that integrates state-of-the-art data mining tools with effective feedback and training mechanisms in order to lower the barrier for domain experts and computer scientists to learn data science.

Play, Dammit!

This journal paper requires access to read it, but if you can get it then it's definitely worthwhile reading. It examines play in today's society. 

Memoirs of a teacher-gamer (pdf)

This chapter tells the story of a teacher-gamer and her experience with educational games in the classroom. 

Lol my thesis

Mine would be "Should we really gamify everything?" 

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