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Here at the Clark household these past few weeks we've been spending a lot of late nights watching the Winter Olympics. We are in awe of the grit and determination of the athletes, wowed by the incredible skill on display and moved by the emotion and joy the athletes express for their sport and fellow competitors. We saw some of our own homegrown talent and winter community shine this weekend with the return of the North American Vasa Festival of Races. TART's Vasa groomers and NMMBA's fatbike groomers made their magic happen as participants pursued their own passion for their sport. I like to think that maybe there was a future Olympian in that fantastic group of Junior Vasa racers too. 


Julie Clark, Chief Executive Officer


TART Bayfront Improvement & Expansion Project
TART Trails, the City and the DDA engaged the services of engineering firm, Progressive AE, to identify opportunities and create a conceptual plan for improved non-motorized access and connectivity along the Parkway. The concept plan includes a wider trail, safer road crossings, improved intersections and more welcoming community connections. It also explores extended facilities to provide comfortable and safe non-motorized connectivity east of Murchie Bridge to Peninsula Drive and the Garfield Ave intersection. We head to the DDA Board on Friday to present. Tune in or show up to learn more. More information can be found here.
Keeping it Clear
We're once again teaming up with the Downtown Development Authority and Norte to address snow and ice covered trouble spots in downtown Traverse City. This collective effort is in addition to the clearing that the City of Traverse City and local business owners are already doing to help keep our downtown as safe and accessible as possible. No shovel? No problem! The DDA will provide the shovels and reach out when they need the extra help. Volunteers will clear spots in the in-between and hard-to-reach places. Willing to lend a hand? Let us know!

Let's give a BIG round of applause to this hardworking and dedicated Vasa Grooming Crew for helping to make the return of the North American Vasa Festival of Races one for the record books. Last weekend presented these guys with some challenging weather conditions and they worked their magic on the cross country ski courses yet again. Cheers to all who organized, participated and spectated and good thoughts for a lot more snow to come yet this season!

Many thanks for an amazing 10+ year run to all of our furry, four pawed friends and their humans. We're saying goodbye to our annual Tails to Trails 5k but we'll be working hard to make sure you have safe and accessible trails and pathways to keep you and Rover outdoors and active all year long. 


A favorite local excursion, just steps from downtown, is a fun filled day hiking or mountain biking the trails at the Commons followed by a refreshing and well-earned local beverage from our friends at Earthen Ales. Jamie and Andrew have been friends of TART since they arrived on the scene, engaging with trail projects like the Boardman Lake Loop, sponsoring a wayfinding sign, and pitching in to help make our events smashing successes. Many thanks to Earthen Ales for being such enthusiastic community partners!

"TART's tireless work on trail development and nonmotorized transportation in general is one of the reasons why Jamie and I moved to Traverse City to open Earthen Ales. We've always enjoyed being able to walk and bike for transportation and recreation, and were excited to have an opportunity to help support that work with a wayfinding sign sponsorship. We're also personally very excited to see the Boardman Loop completed!"
- Andrew Kidwell-Brix

Welcome to the newest members of our Sustainers Circle of Donors!

Scott and Vickie Lizenby
eFulfillment Service
Baniszewski Falenski Group of Oppenheimer & Co.

Thank you for making happy, healthy, connected communities happen.

Learn more about our Sustainers Circle here.


Saturday, February 26
Save the date and be on the lookout for TART Trails groomers, staff and volunteers handing out cookies and hot cocoa at the Vasa Pathway for our second Open House of the year. This event is weather dependent so stay tuned...


This time of year, we get a lot of questions about what activities are permitted on winter trails like the Vasa Pathway. So, what activities are permitted on the trail?

The Vasa Pathway is a non-motorized multi-use natural surface trail in the Pere Marquette State Forest open year round to the public. While any type of non-motorized activity is allowed on the trail year round, it is specifically groomed for cross country skiing from December 1 - March 31. During winter months we encourage folks who take to the trail on foot or fatbike to be extra aware of the impact they are leaving behind. If leaving deep imprints, please refrain from continuing on due to the fact that those imprints can be difficult for the grooming equipment to repair and results in a less than optimal ski surface. Walkers and hikers are encouraged to please stay as far to the side as possible and not walk in the classic tracks. Most hikers and runners opt for the 5K Snowshoe Trail along Acme Creek accessible from the Vasa Trailhead off of Bartlett Rd. Fatbikers also much prefer the specially groomed Winter Sports Singletrack offering over 20 miles of epic trail starting from the trailhead off of Supply Rd.

Learn more about TART Trails' Winter Trail Etiquette here.

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