Christmas Trees

Today I'd like to tell you a story about Christmas trees and the best laid plans of mice and men. Or, in this case, cats and humans.

Long time followers of the blog will recall that we have a tradition that on the weekend after Thanksgiving we go as a family to a local Christmas tree farm and cut our own Christmas tree. This year the weather was awesome and because Thanksgiving came later in the calendar, we did it that very weekend. We were excited that all 4 boys and picky 3 adults has finally agreed on what we thought was a great tree!

Reminder: Stacy's sister and nephew joined our family this year <3

Except, we were wrong... We went to a new farm that we were unfamiliar with. First of all, they did not even the bottom of our tree like other farms have for us in the past. Nor would they tie it to the roof of our car for us. Then, after we got home we discovered that their measuring sticks were inaccurate. The tree that we thought was 7.5 feet tall turned out to be 8.5 feet tall. Much taller than our 8 foot ceilings!

So, alas, we had to shorten our tree ourselves. Then, because we have a tree stand that has a spike you insert in the bottom, we had to redrill the hole for the stand. Which we did. Too wide. The tree wouldn't stand straight and had to be leaned against the wall. And, due to its unstable nature and the insanity of our bengal kittens, it was knocked over. Three times. Spilling a gallon of water each time. Thanks cats!

We decided the best thing to do was to just buy a different kind of tree stand. Which we did. Except the tall and narrow basin didn't accommodate the bottom branches of our tree. So we had to once again take the tree down and saw those off too. Finally, we got the tree stable, straight and upright in the stand. On Wednesday. The fourth day we owned the tree.

To top it off, Matt is allergic to pine. Guess who was doing all the sawing and picking the tree up when it was knocked down? And guess who still has red splotches all up and down his arms?

The lesson we wish to share with you all, is that if you're going to support local farmers by cutting down your own Christmas tree - make sure you and they know what you're doing before you drive away and have to figure out the problem in your own home! Otherwise, you'll want to buy one of these.

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Christmas Dessert Freedom Cookbook

As you know, we often host mixed paleo and vegan holiday celebrations and have a really hard time coming up with recipes to bridge that gap. Luckily, Leanne Vogel of Healthful Pursuit has come to the rescue with a brand new ebook full of desserts that are sure to please the whole family, even ours! There's even auto-immune paleo-friendly recipes!

Christmas Dessert Freedom promises new recipes that are sure to please the whole family! And we're definitely making some Tiramisu and Rum Balls this holiday!


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Even looking at this image puts you in a calm state of mind so you can go out there and take on the holiday season!

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