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Celebrating the Divine in every Woman

This Incredible Vagina class, soon to be an e-course


Hello, my friends!

This weekend I am once again teaching a class that is very dear to my heart.  I started teaching earlier versions at The Florida Pagan Gathering four years ago, and this weekend I will be teaching an expanded version for the first time at Avalon in Orlando.

The Incredible Vagina is a three part class that aims to correct the common myths and misconceptions about women's bodies. In the first part of the class we'll learn about the parts of anatomy that are skipped over in sex ed, such as the vestibular bulbs and urethral and perineal sponges, and the legs, stem, head, and hood that comprise the clitoris. We will talk about the three stages of the arousal process, the differences between masculine and feminine arousal, and we'll have puppets and illustrations to help us out. I will be using plenty of humor - believe me, you won't be the only one feeling shy about being there!

The second part of the class corrects the myth about the 28 day cycle and the tragic myth about ovulating on day 14. I'm not going to talk about the hormones or the basics of women's cycles that we learned about in sex ed in high school - I'm going to correct the mistakes that we were taught and elaborate on the signals our bodies give us to let us know when we're fertile, when we ovulate, when we bleed, when we're pregnant, and when we miscarry - and discuss how common miscarriage is, and how to nourish ourselves and our loved ones when we suffer them.

The third part of the class will first be a primer on magick - causing change in accordance with will - and then how to use the energy naturally raised by pleasure, be it from self-love or loving acts with one or more partners, to heal, attract things we need, and release things we don't.

The fourth part of the class will only be available in the online version, but I will email it to anyone who attends the class who wishes to read it - details about natural birth and how it can be painless and even orgasmic.

Hope to see you there!

Ashley Rae

PS The class is $30 in advance and $40 at the door.  The address for Avalon is 1211 Hillcrest St, Orlando, FL 32803, and it's website is  OH! And don't worry, I'll send off another list as soon as the e-course is ready!

When was the last time you did something romantic…for yourself?

Have you ever bought yourself a love gift – chocolate, flowers, jewelry, or something so special only someone who knew you intimately would think to surprise you with it?

How intimate are you with yourself?  Do you ever engage yourself in long conversations, perhaps in a journal, or take yourself out on dates?

Whether you are single or married to the best partner in the world, you need to nurture your relationship with yourself.  Acting and speaking in a loving manner to yourself heals you, rejuvenates you, and helps you to grow as a spiritual being.

This month’s meditation will help you to nourish yourself from the inside out, and figure out what the self-lover inside you needs to thrive.

From a lovely blog with more lovely quotes. <3
I can't tell you how many times I've needed to take my own advice.  In fact, I've come to understand that no one needs to take my advice more than I do.

I'm betting the same is true for you.j

Oftentimes, we think we know what someone else needs to do.  It aggravates us that that person won't do what seems so obviously helpful to us, whether they asked for our advice or we gave it to them unsolicited.

I find that the more aggravated I get with someone for not taking my advice, the more emotion I attach to that advice, the more that advice applies to my own life.

Sometimes advice is poorly disguised judgement.  Judgement is a reflection of fear and other unpleasant emotions.

This week, I challenge you to let go of your judgments, release your fears, and take that advice that you so want your friend to heed.

Write a letter to yourself in your favorite color of ink detailing a problem you need help solving.  Answer that letter with your non-dominant hand in a different color ink as if you were answering a letter or email from a friend.  Then, implement your own advice.

Easy peasy. <3
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