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Summer is here at last!!

Welcome to Summer on the beautiful Northern Beaches. This is our favourite time of the year. The sun is shining, the water is sparkling, and the Christmas season is in full swing. No wonder this is the busiest time of year for home purchases.
2015 has been a very busy year for Energise Home Loans. As well as the exciting business of helping our wonderful customers into new homes, cars, renovations and new business ventures, (while we’ve all enjoyed the lowest interest rates in decades!) we have also continued our financial support of the Humpty Dumpty Foundation through participation in the Balmoral Burn again in 2015.
And we’ve proudly recently announced the winner of our Spectacular Cruise in Alaska.
Plus we’ve also launched our successful referral program, resulting in the opportunity for us to help more people, and for many of our customers to enjoy a $100 Eftpos voucher in appreciation for their referral. (You can learn more about our program here)
And finally, from today, our new competition to win a trip to Dubai, valued at $9,316 has opened. There are more details below so get entering for your chance to win!
We’d like to thank you all for your support and involvement with Energise Home Loans this year. We have had a wonderful year working with you all, and we are so grateful for the chance to help so many people. Your housing success stories and happy endings are absolutely what gets us out of bed every morning!
Wishing you and your families a happy and peaceful Christmas (many of you enjoying your first Christmas in your new homes!), and a wonderful year ahead for 2016.

Warm regards,
Brian and Rebecca Rusten

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9 Ways to Pay for a Car, Holiday or Other Big Ticket Item   

Gone are the good old days of ‘lay-by’ – remember that? The ‘olden days’ of buying something you couldn’t afford. It was the original form of delayed gratification and budgeting for things we wanted - something our children and grandchildren will never know anything about. Perhaps even some of our Gen Y readers? Do you have a big ticket item you would really like to purchase but you’re not sure about how to pay for it?
Let's look at a few of the ways, starting with the most obvious: 
1. Set up a budget and start regularly putting a little extra aside until you have saved enough to purchase your big ticket item. (Yes, we know it’s BORING!) Let’s face it, many of us really aren’t big fans of delayed gratification, however if you are most comfortable with this method there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact more people should follow your example. Set up a separate savings account, ask your employer to direct a portion of your salary each week into the new account so there’s no temptation to spend it. Then watch it grow!
Most of us are more the INSTANT GRATIFICATION type. We just can’t wait. We want it and we want it NOW! So most of us will then...
2. put it on the credit card (accruing from 15% or more interest and taking many years to pay it off ), or
3. take out a personal loan.
The advantages? Both of these options are going to get you that item right now. The disadvantages? Unless you pay your credit card off within the 55 day free interest period, the cost for both of these options will end up being much more than the ticket price in the long run. WARNING: Both options would not be high on our recommended list. If your credit card has an interest rate in excess of 15% and you take 5 years to pay off  the debt then your $20K holiday could end up costing you as much as $30,000 or more!
Of course, you MIGHT experience an unexpected windfall? You could…
4. pay for your big ticket item with an inheritance from a long lost cousin you’ve never met, or
5. win big at the races! Good luck with both of those options.
What about using your home loan? There are several ways you can do this. You can:
6. use your redraw facility (if you have one);
7. use your offset account (spare cash);
8. use the existing equity in your home (set up a redraw or split loan facility) or;
9. refinance all your debt AND your home loan to include the cost of the big ticket item.
The advantage of using your home loan? Adding a large ticket item to your home loan is likely to give you the lowest interest rate available as the item is secured against your home. And let’s face it – interest rates are pretty good at the moment – it is the cheapest way of buying money today. The disadvantage? If you fail to make additional payments over a short period of time to cover the additional loan you risk taking many more years to pay off your home and can even pay a lot more than the original cost of the item. The major risk? If you take a very long time to pay off the debt, you are increasing the total interest repaid - thus the total amount of the big ticket purchase. It could end up costing you a lot more than you really wanted to spend.
If you really want to make a big purchase this way, you MUST pay off all debts as fast as possible! Regardless of the item you want to purchase, we always recommend you do two things:
1. Come and talk to us before you sign anything. We may have some finance options you haven’t yet considered.
2. Ensure you review your budget to maximise repayments and minimise the total cost of any money borrowed.

 Debt Consolidation - How it Works 

As part of your debt reduction strategy, together we may consider consolidating all your debt (personal loans, car loans, credit card balances…) into one loan. This involves taking multiple debts and consolidating them into one loan with a much lower average interest rate. Your home loan usually has the lowest interest rate. Example: Debts before consolidation
You may have a mortgage of $250,000 (5.5% interest), a car loan of $17,300 (9.5% interest), 2 credit card debts of $3,000 (17.5% interest) and $6,500 (19.5% interest) and a store card debt of $1,500 (20% interest). This adds up to a debt of $278,300 and would result in total monthly repayments of $2,413.23. 
* 5.5% is a conservative estimate. Many lenders now offer lower interest rates so please give us a call if you haven’t refinanced your loan in the past 18 months.
By consolidating the above debts into an existing home loan at an interest rate of 5.5% this could reduce your monthly repayments to just $1,709.01.
This Strategy Achieves a Number of Objectives:
  1. Reducing your total monthly repayments. In this example, consolidating all debt will reduce the monthly repayments from $2,413.23 pm to $1,709.01 pm (a whopping saving of $704.22 PER MONTH!) and allow you to regain control of your finances.Reducing the total interest paid across all debt if paid off  at the same rate. Ideally you should maintain your previous monthly payment of $2,413.23 and aim to reduce your debt more quickly to take advantage of a lower average interest rate. If you do this you are likely to pay off your total debt (including your mortgage) in 15 years (instead of 25 years) and save $97,407 in interest.
  2. Sometimes when you refinance it gives you a false sense of security with the additional cash flow available to spend each month. Don’t be fooled and start spending your savings as you may end up in the same
    financial place you’ve just come from without any new options to help next time.
    But if managed well, this can be an incredibly powerful strategy.


Win a Trip to Dazzling Dubai! 

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new competition, to win a trip for 2 to dazzling Dubai, valued at $9,316!
Click here to enter. Plus if you choose to complete the quick survey at the end of the competition entry, you will gain you additional entries too.
We’d love as many people as possible to have the chance to win the trip, so please feel welcome to pass this link onto your friends and family too (you never know, if they won, they may just take you along!).

Can you help to 'Energise' our business?   

In September we launched our ‘Energise Referral Program’. We are keen to help as many people as possible with their finance needs, and we’ve found over the years that everyone knows at least one person per year that would benefit from our services. So why not help them by referring them our way, and receive a $100 Eftpos voucher in recognition of our appreciation. (Referring a customer to us will also earn you and your friend an entry into our Dazzling Dubai competition too!) You can refer people to us for:
  • car loans
  • business and equipment loans
  • funds for renovating or investment properties
  • refinancing for a new home or a better interest rate
  • trust and self managed superannuation loans
For more information and to start earning your gift cards, just click here.


Mixed berry and nougat semifreddo
Mixed Berry and Nougat Semifreddo   
Summer is the perfect time to entertain friends or throw an impromptu pool party. Here's a favourite recipe of ours to get you in the mood: 

2 cups (500ml) thickened cream
4 eggs
1 cup (215g) caster sugar
1/4 cup (60ml) framboise or creme de cassis liqueur
300g frozen mixed berries, partially thawed
250g almond nougat,
Finely chopped Fresh mixed berries, to serve

Step 1
Grease and line the base and sides of 12 x 2/3-cup (160ml) capacity timbal moulds with plastic wrap, allowing the sides to overhang.

Step 2
Use an electric mixer to whisk the cream in a medium bowl until peaks form. Use a clean electric mixer to whisk the eggs, sugar and liqueur in a large bowl for 4 minutes or until thick and pale. Add the cream and use a large metal spoon to gently fold until just combined.

Step 3
Place berries in a bowl and use a fork to lightly crush. Add to cream mixture with the nougat; fold until just combined. Spoon among moulds. Place on a tray and cover with plastic wrap. Place in freezer for 6 hours or until firm. Remove from moulds and serve immediately with fresh berries.

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Last Laugh 

And to finish off, some of you may have seen this whacky story in the news last week.

There really is no need to get about town on a motorised picnic table! If only they'd called us for a car loan instead! 

Check it out here.

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