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February 2020

New Services, Same Vision

When we first started this company, our plan was to offer a single, all-encompassing cord-cutting service. While this is still part of our grand vision, we quickly realized that every customer requires and deserves their own unique streaming solution. Our customers differ in many aspects — from their service providers, the content they watch, their preference of streaming devices and the configuration of their homes.

Thanks to our customers, we have expanded our service offerings. While our full cord-cutting solution is what this company was built on, we now offer à la carte support, including indoor antenna installations.

This exciting change is reflected on our newly enhanced “Services” web page, which provides insight into all our offerings and prices. Additionally, potential customers can now get a head start on a proposal for our services by answering a few basic questions on our “Get Started” web page. 

Thank you to the team here at Marshmallow Streaming for bringing these capabilities to life, and thank you to our customers for challenging us to enhance the Marshmallow experience.

George Kontos, Co-Founder & CEO

How Can I Stream My Local Channels?

One of our most frequently asked questions is: “Which services stream WGN?” Whether you want to keep your longtime news network or sports outlet, the ability to stream local channels is a major factor when choosing a service to replace cable TV.

For the longest time, we had to deliver bad news: WGN is not part of any major streaming service. Alas, we had to set up a lot of indoor antennas. Then, we stumbled upon Locast — a service that streams local broadcast TV through their app on all major devices. If it sounds too good to be true, we have even more good news: it’s free to use after creating an account, no personal or payment information is necessary, and no antennas required.

How is Locast doing this? They are a not-for-profit, accepting donations from those who enjoy their service. Sadly, but not surprisingly, they are getting sued by major network providers. But Locast has been going strong for over two years, using their not-for-profit status to battle litigation. So if you end up enjoying Locast, be sure to donate.

Who is Picking Up Marquee Sports?

We get this question all the time, mainly because the Marquee network is the new home of Cubs’ broadcasts. Initially, they announced that DirecTV will carry the network. Then, to the delight of current and future cord-cutters, Hulu announced it will carry the channel as part of its live TV streaming service. Hulu’s announcement means that the Cubs organization is not interested in being exclusive to traditional cable and satellite TV providers — and that’s a good thing.

We anticipate that other streaming services will soon follow in picking up Marquee, so if you have a different streaming service, no need to panic and change just yet. Follow us on Facebook for the most up-to-date announcements on Marquee Sports and other streaming developments. 

Sharing Our Lessons in the Community

On February 22, we hosted our first-ever seminar on cord-cutting at the Mount Prospect Central Community Center with an impressive turnout. We opened up our entire Marshmallow playbook, from removing cable TV and shopping for internet speeds to choosing streaming devices and services for watching live TV. Attendees were able to try out streaming products as well, including an Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Many asked the same big question: “How are landline phones affected in the cord-cutting process?” Many of our customers choose to keep a landline as it may serve as their business line, be tied to a security system, or serve as their longtime phone number for family and friends to use. The solution is simple: You can switch to an internet + phone plan, having only television service removed. If you switch providers, the landline can be ported to your new service provider without having to change your phone number. 

What Does the Big Switch Look Like?

Switching internet providers can appear daunting — but that’s where we come in. Changing providers has many benefits, including new-customer deals, upgraded internet speeds and less rental equipment. We’ve now helped four customers make a complete switch, three in the past month alone, which resulted in over $7,200 in monthly service savings. Here’s what the process looks like: 

  • We help you sign up for internet service with the new provider.
  • Next, we schedule an appointment to have a technician come out to run internet lines to your home.
  • We work with the technician to activate the modem, ensuring you have internet service.
  • We take care of the “last mile” by installing your home Wi-Fi, streaming devices and services.
  • Then the fun part: calling and cancelling the provider you’re leaving for better prices and services.
So far, we’ve switched customers over to Xfinity from a different provider. The $70 fee they charge is reasonable, and you can get a $50 referral credit from an existing customer to offset the cost. And, if you want to bury the internet lines running into your home, they will do that as well — free of charge.

I had considered cutting the cable cord when my AT&T U-Verse bill shot up to $208.  Xfinity would provide faster internet speed (up to 100 Mbps) and the ability to have my own router and Wi-Fi equipment, thus eliminating the equipment rental and broadcast fees. Marshmallow Streaming was here for the Xfinity set-up, which was actually a snap.  They installed my home Wi-Fi, streaming devices and services.  Finally they returned my rented equipment back to AT&T for good!

Margaret P
Lake Zurich

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