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January 2020

It all started with my in-laws.  In 2018 they were paying $228 per month for cable, internet and phone services.  I could not believe they were getting charged that much money for these services so I offered to help them cut the cord.  In 2019 they paid $115 per month for the entire year and saved over $1,300.

They certainly were not alone.  After helping my in-laws, I cut the cord for 9 people resulting in $12,000 in savings last year.  The next logical step was creating a cord-cutting company that lowers monthly cable and internet bills while providing the highest quality products and customer service. Our model has been successful, as we have now saved over $31,000 in monthly bills for our customers, and we are just getting started.

To lower your bill we deal with the cable company so you don't have to by:

  • Replacing cable TV with streaming services
  • Negotiating affordable, high-speed internet contracts
  • Removing rental equipment and fees in favor of installing products you own

Rethink how much you pay the cable company, then contact us 

George Kontos, Co-Founder & CEO

our lingo

Our business is new, and with that comes new terminology to describe what we are doing.  Here are some terms to get everyone up to speed.

Getting rid of cable TV in favor of on-demand or live TV streaming services

Streaming Service
Services that provide video content over an Internet connection.  This can be on-demand content such as Netflix, HBO or Prime Video, or it can be live television through services such as YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV or Sling TV.

Streaming Devices
Devices used for watching your favorite content from streaming services.  This can be your existing mobile devices, tablets or devices meant to replace your cable box such as an Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV's, Roku's or Google Chromecast.

customer spotlight

Cutting the cord had been on my to-do list for longer than a year but the whole process was too time consuming and confusing.  Marshmallow Streaming made it simple and easy to understand.  We now have more options available to us for a fraction of what we were previously paying.  I would highly recommend them to anyone who has been thinking about cutting the cord.

Peter L
Mt Prospect

Peter was paying $275 per month for WOW! when he gave us a call.  After finding WOW!'s deals unsatisfactory, we switched him to Xfinity for a faster internet speed at a locked in price and set up Hulu for watching live TV.  After cutting the cord his family will save over $2,000 in monthly bills this year.

Thank you to Peter and his family for working with us.

cut the cord, cut costs

Effective January 1st, cable TV customers will see Broadcast TV Fees increase by 46% and those renting equipment will enter the new year with higher costs as well.  If you see these charges on your next statement contact us for a free consultation on how to eliminate these fees for good. 

a final word

It is never too late to cut the cord and start saving on your monthly bills.  We have worked to make cord-cutting as easy as possible so you can put more money each month back into your pocket.  If you or someone you know is looking to get rid of cable once and for all, give us a call.  We hope you enjoyed our newsletter.

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