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Editor's Note


Making a difference for fire

Sherry Leis collects fire behavior data during a prescribed fire. Photo by J. Denesha.It has been my privilege to oversee the Great Plains Fire Science Exchange since its launch in 2012. Our mission is to make fire science accessible and bring the fire community together. If the numbers are any indication, we have been successful! Thanks to a lot of hard work and collaboration over the past four years, we have published 22 newsletters, 6 syntheses, 23 videos, 6 Science Roundups, 12 fact sheets, 9 interviews, 19 briefs, 11 blog posts synthesizing science, and 1 original research paper. 381 of you subscribe to this newsletter, 557 people check in on Facebook and 325 follow us on Twitter. You've watched 58,137 minutes of our videos on YouTube. The field trips and events we've organized have brought together researchers and managers to showcase fire science in the GP. One of my personal missions has been to raise awareness of Great Plains fire among those in other regions. I feel confident that we’ve made some important in-roads there as well.
While working with the GP fire community has been extremely rewarding, it is time for me to make a change. Beginning in July, I’ll be working for the National Park Service as a Vegetation Ecologist. You’ll be in good hands as Carol Blocksome takes the helm of the Exchange. Happily, I’ll still have opportunities to work on GP fire ecology in my new role with the parks. You can take the girl away from fire, but you can’t take the fire out of the girl...
I want to thank everyone who has supported the GPE and our mission over the last four years. Special thanks to David Engle who got the ball rolling, Mike DeBacker who has always found a way to keep me working and facilitated our funding, Carol Blocksome without whom I couldn't have accomplished so much, and everyone who has written a brief, hosted a field trip, or given a presentation. Please stay engaged with the Exchange’s staff. They are just as passionate about serving you as I have been. Many more great things are on the horizon for this organization. The GPE works best when the community works together to identify needs, develop products, and facilitate events. Whether you are an information producer, consumer, or something in between, there is a place in the GPE for you!
Thank you for your support! Burn on.

(Photo by Julie Denesha)



Prescribed fire liability: defining standards of care


This fact sheet defines some of the confusing legal terms related to liability when using prescribed fire.
Read the liability brief


Watch our time lapse video of northern mixed prairie. This video was shot at Fort Keogh, Montana during a drought season. You'll want to keep your eyes out for a curious critter we caught on camera. Click the image above to view the video on our YouTube channel.

Dr. Dirac Twidwell recently gave a lecture at K-State that you will want to watch, maybe even more than once. Dirac described a growing body of research related to juniper and woody plant encroachment that considers fire behavior as well as human dimensions.

If you missed our last webinar that looked at how the Great Plains uses LANDFIRE's products, no worries. We recorded it! Click on the image above to view the video on our YouTube channel.
GP Fire Science YouTube Channel

Get to know the GP Fire Community


An interview with Dr. Butch Taylor

Nick Garza, Senior Research Associate with Texas Agrilife, Sonora TX.
As Dr. Taylor retires, we wanted to capture a bit of the wisdom he's gained through a career of fire ecology at the Sonora research station in Texas.

We would like to offer our congratulations for leaving an excellent fire science legacy. We also appreciate Butch's work and support of the GPE over the last four years. Butch served on our inaugural Board of Directors.

Sherry took this picture while on a tour of the Sonora field station after our 2014 Board of Directors meeting.
Watch the interview

Fire Science Round-Up

Written by Colton Lynn, Graduate Student Volunteer

Each quarter we bring you a summary of research articles that are relevant to the Great Plains fire science community.  We appreciate articles you send us to add to the list. We also draw upon compilations of citations sent out monthly by Jason Greenlee of Current Titles in Wildland Fire.  You can read the full installment of the Summer 2016 Fire Science Round-Up here.

Here's a sample from this issue:

Davies, K.W., C.S. Boyd, J.D. Bates, A. Hulet. 2016. Winter grazing can reduce wildfire size, intensity and behavior in a shrub-grassland. International Journal of Wildland Fire, 25: 191-199.

Winter grazing could be used in large areas of shrub-grassland where other fire-management treatments are impractical. Intensity of fires was shown to decrease when the area was grazed in the winter because fine fuels were reduced.

Read the Round Up


WHAT: Patch Burn Grazing Community of Practice annual meeting
WHEN: August 24-26, 2016
WHERE: Childress, TX; field trip at the Matador Wildlife area. We have a room block available at the Super 8 in Childress (411 Ave. F, NE)
Click to register: Registration is open!

See our website for more details.
WHAT: North American Prairie Conference
WHEN: July 17-20, 2016
WHERE: Normal, IL

Contribute to the community through Landfire BpS updates


Deadline: July 21, 2016

LANDFIRE biophysical settings (BpS) are models that describe ecosystems and their fire regimes. They utilize state and transition models along with expert knowledge. These models are used by researchers and managers for a variety of purposes, from GIS and mapping analysis projects to basic understanding of ecosystems and fire. Please consider contributing to an update of these models for the Great Plains! You can provide updates to the ecosystems you wish to work on from your office; no need to travel. Learn more about contributing to LANDFIRE BpS updates here.
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