High Five Art Update
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Cultura Nouveau-Carlos Nieto III
Los Angeles-based Artist Carlos Nieto III Wins the High Five Art Contest 
Carlos Nieto III’s Cultura Nouveau is the winner of High Five Art, the Autry's first-ever public art contest. Nieto's design will be featured on a nearly fifty-foot banner at our building in Griffith Park, where it will be visible from the 5 Freeway and the L.A. River.

"Cultura Nouveau is comprised of old and new symbols which call to mind a variety of cultures, from African to Middle Eastern to Asian. It is a visual symbiosis of cultures that play off each other and echo each other, a reflection happening now in the American West."—Carlos Nieto III 

Thank you to all of you who voted for your favorite High Five Art design. The contest attracted more than 2,600 public votes, and it was an exceptionally close race. Join us in celebrating Nieto and the four other High Five Art finalists at a fun and free launch party on May 21!

High Five Art Launch Party
Thursday, May 21, 6:30–9:00 p.m.
At the Autry in Griffith Park
4700 Western Heritage Way, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Free Admission / Reservations Recommended

Unwind with music, enjoy art-making activities, and meet the local artists and designers who participated in the High Five Art contest. A large-scale banner featuring Carlos Nieto III's Cultura Nouveau will be installed on the Autry's building. Beer, wine, and food truck fare will be available for purchase. 


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Sun-Scope-David C. Bryant
Artist: David C. Bryant
Artist Statement: This design interprets the contemporary American West by collaging energetic streaks of light and iconic palm trees into a kaleidoscopic sun pattern. 

The sun, a source of life for cultures in the West’s history, served as point of inspiration. Forging the composition are city lights that allude to the pace and rapid changes of this digital era. Interspersed are palm trees, ubiquitous and emblematic. Hailing from many parts of the world, they attest to the cultural diversity and opportunity that have become synonymous with the American West.
Truce-Caitlin Anne
Artist: Caitlin Anne
Artist Statement: The bison is a long-time icon of the American West. Given its history, it stands as a reverent symbol of the natural beauty of the West and serves as a reminder of what humans are capable of destroying as well as recovering. The inclusion of the gold and red poppies was inspired by the Native American beadwork currently on display at the Autry. The bison's gaze reflects to us what we have outside our windows, our privilege to admire it, and our responsibility to protect it.
Carolyn Doucette-The Great American West
FINALIST: The Great American West
Artist: Carolyn Doucette
Artist Statement: The orange ribbon swooping through the cattle ranch landscape symbolizes human presence on the Earth—the hand of mankind and the effects of our modern intervention on the natural world. Like the urbanization of the American West, the orange ribbon is both beautiful and ominous amidst the idyllic landscape, a lyrical slash negating our ability to read the photograph as merely a quaint pastoral scene, causing us to question our notion of what it means to live in the American West today.
SunQuest3000-EARL GRAVY
FINALIST: SunQuest3000
Artists: EARL GRAVY (Emma Kemp and Daniel Wroe)
Artist Statement: The image of a tanning bed—solitary and lonesome in the barren desert-scape—its UV bulbs baring the colors of sunset, is both comical and affecting. The collision of the archetypal, iconic “West” (complete with thrusting canyon rock formations and sandy plateaus), with the superficiality of L.A. luxury and glamour (beauty salons simulating sunshine inside air conditioned booths), creates a rich space for contemplation. This scene asks us to reflect on our relationship with the geography of the American West—the way we use not only the landscape but its unique conditions and resources.
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