Location: Wearable World, 600 Harrison St. 4th floor, San Francisco, CA | August 8th 6:30pm - August 9th 6:30pm, 2014

Make sure you got your Eventbrite ticket! Our venue has limited seating and can only RSVP seats for those who purchase a Hero ticket for $10. Those who hold a Sidekick ticket will be allowed in on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Schedule can be found on our website or below.
Day 1
-6:30 Registration
-7:00 Dinner 
-8:00 Orientation
-12:00 Hacking and Snacks

-8:00 Snacks
-12:00 Lunch
-2:00 Submission begins
-3:00 Challenge Post Opens
-4:00 Judging starts
-5:00 Announce winners
-6:00 Clean up!

Purchase Ticket

Developer Guide

Please install all SDKs you plan on using before arriving to Hero Hacks. This will help save a lot of time and get you started ASAP.

We have limited hardware to loan out so apply for the wearable you want to hack on!

Join our Facebook group to form teams and share ideas.
Apply for a Wearable Device


Pebble SDK 2.0 is the current and most up to date environment to build applications for Pebble. It includes a C compiler, a JavaScript environment, iOS and Android libraries, Documentation and Examples.

For developers who are new to the Pebble OS platform, as well as those who’ve developed existing Pebble apps, this Developer Guide For Building Pebble Apps should provide you with a deeper understanding of how to create, build and deploy your Pebble apps on iOS and Android running Pebble OS.

Pebble.js applications run on your phone. They have access to all the resources of your phone (internet connectivity, GPS, almost unlimited memory, etc). Because they are written in JavaScript they are also perfect to make HTTP requests and connect your Pebble to the internet. 

Online Pebble Development. Write apps without dealing with Linux, virtual machines, compilers, or Python. 

API Reference 

Don't forget, you can get one of the limited refurbished Pebbles for 50% off retail price.
Order your Pebble

Thalmic Labs

The Myo experience begins with Myo Connect. In addition to mediating software access to the Myo armband and providing basic control over some applications, Myo Connect helps you set up and explore the Myo armband's capabilities.

  • On Windows, Myo Connect is launched by running the Myo Connect.exe file.

  • On Mac OS X, Myo Connect is launched by running the Myo Connect application at the root of the SDK.

Both SDKs can be found on the downloads page:

Thalmic Labs Myo Getting Started Tutorial :

Oculus Rift


The Oculus Developer Center has everything you need to start building VR content with your Rift development kit including the Oculus SDK, official Unreal and Unity engine integrations, samples, documentation, videos, developer wiki, and community forums.

If you have any issues, let us know at 

To get started, create a developer account at Then download the SDK, Documentation, and gather other resources from the subdomains within!



Jawbone Getting Started Tutorial

The UP Platform documentation provides information related to establishing and maintaining an API connection with UP. The purpose of this API is to enable the exchange of select data in order to extend and augment the UP user experience and support complementary services. This can include data aggregation and visualization, gaming, marketing, rewards provisioning, and more.

Key principles governing the use of the UP API:

  • The data belongs to the user. We are stewards of the data and have an obligation to protect it and use it responsibly.

  • Data can only be collected with explicit user permission. Only collect what you need and only use it as you say you will.

  • User must have a mechanism to disable access and to request that any collected data be deleted.

Use of the UP API is governed by the UP API Terms Of Service. By using the API, you agree to the TOS, available for your review.

An introduction to the UP platform is available in PDF format here: Jawbone Platform Introduction

To contact the developer support team, please email

iOS SDK: Provides an Objective-C interface for integrating iOS apps with the UP API.

API Console: Quickly make and see raw API calls and data returned.

Intelligent Headset



To get started with Intelligent Headset make a developer account ( and follow the next three steps:

  • Download the appropriate SDK

  • Generate an API-KEY

  • Join the Intelligent Headset Prototype Program or pick up a Headset from Hero Hacks!

Intelligent Headset Getting Started Tutorials -iOS (Objective-C) (
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