Robotics in Rehabilitation
January to March, 2016

ISPRM invites you to register for the second online course on Robotics in Rehabilitation
The course reviews basic neuroscience concepts and clinical evidence on the application of robotics in rehabilitation, as well as discussing novel approaches to augment outcomes. 

The course employs a highly interactive learning environment, with a set of educational videos followed by an online collaborative learning model, in which participants are able to interact with peers and strenghten knowledge through discussion and debate with the experts. 

Course fees are 100 USD. Register now online
The course content and timing of modules is shown below
Module Title 1 (English)
      January 11th to 15th
 Lecture Title: Neuroscience Upper Extremity
Online discussion (Prof. Dagmar Sternad)
Module Title 2 (English)
       January 18th to 22nd
 2nd Lecture – Neuroscience Lower Extremity
Online discussion (Prof. Neville Hogan)
Module Title 3 (English)
      January 25th  to 29th
 3rd Lecture – Overview Upper & Lower Extremity Robotics
Online discussion (Dr. Hermano Igo Krebs)
Module Title 4 (English)
      February1st to 5th  
 4th Lecture – Toyota Balance and Gait Rehab Robotics
Online discussion (Prof, Eiichi Saitoh)
Module Title 5 (English)
      February 8th  to 12th  
 5th Lecture – Neuromodulation and Robotics
Online discussion (Dr. Dylan Edwards)
Module Title 6 (English)
      February 15th  to 19th
      February 19th   
 6th Lecture – Neuroprosthetics & Brain Machine Interface
 Online discussion (Prof. Andrew Schwartz)
 Final remarks and course closure (English)
Module Title 3.a. (Portuguese)
      February 22nd  to 26th
 3.a. Lecture – Upper Extremity Rehab Robotics
Online discussion (Dr. Hermano Igo Krebs)
Module Title 3.b. (Portuguese)
      February 29th  to 4th March     
 3.b. Lecture – Lower Extremity Rehab Robotics
Online discussion (Dr. Hermano Igo Krebs)
Module Title 3.c. (Portuguese)
      March 7th  to 11th

      March 11th   
 3.c. Lecture – Sharing Users Experience in Rehab Robotics Rede Lucy Montoro
Online discussion (Dr. Thais Terranova)
 Final remarks and course closure (Portuguese)


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