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Partnering with Good Companies to Support Great People
Located in Station 20 West, the Quint Development initiative Core Neighborhoods At Work connects employers with the core neighborhood labour pool. We offer a resource centre with 4 full time employment coordinators and various training courses for participants in our program looking for employment. To employers, we offer a stable pool of available labour, space and staff for hosting hiring events at no cost to employers, as well as ongoing support from CNAW staff to employers and employees working through any barriers to successful and continued employment.
Core Neighborhoods At Work Hosts Maple Leaf Job Fair
Often the success of an event cannot be predicted ahead of time. This certainly proved true in the case of the Maple Leaf hiring event Core Neighborhoods At Work (CNAW) recently hosted.

Maple Leaf mentioned earlier this month to a CNAW employment coordinator that they were looking to hire 40 people. CNAW agreed to help by hosting, promoting, and organizing the event. Through promoting the hiring event through the CNAW resource centre and organizing the event at the Station 20 West facility, CNAW expected to create enough interest in the hiring event not to waste the Maple Leaf HR Coordinator's time in attending.

15 minutes before CNAW opened the doors, the place was lined up and in seconds both the resource centre and multipurpose board room were packed. CNAW pulled their whole team together to help manage the crowd, and in only 3 hours Maple Leaf interviewed 115 people and over 70 were invited to attend orientation.
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We can host your next hiring event!

Did you know that outside of our annual Community Job Fair, we also host individual employer job fairs? If you need to hire a large number of people in a hurry, contact us. We offer:

  • a large board or multipurpose room for hosting
  • staff to help coordinate the event
  • internal and external marketing of the event
  • a large base of people looking for work at a variety of skill levels
  • employment coordinators are available to assist employee and employer through any barriers during the hiring process and following a job offer
Our services are offered free of charge. If you like what we do and feel we have been of service, we simply request that you spread the word.

Do you or someone you know need employees? Contact us. We’re here to help.

In person:
205 - 1120 20th Street West
Saskatoon, SK S7M 0Y8

"As a large company with over 900+ employees, we are constantly looking at recruiting individuals to join our team. The quality of employees we have received through Quint are exceptional and several employees have been promoted within a few months of starting with the Company due to their drive, determination and motivation.  Quint is my favourite recruiting service because they truly care about the communities they support and the Companies they work with.  They don’t just send me a body for the job- they send me somebody for the job.”

- Krystal (HR Manager for an international hospitality company)

22 CNAW Participants Complete Safe Food Handling Training

The hospitality industry is booming in Saskatoon. New restaurants are blossoming on nearly every corner, and just this month Saskatoon joined the many other North American cities with food trucks on their streets.

Much of the employment opportunities related to the boom require Food Safe handling. This year, Quint Development's Core Neighborhoods At Work (CNAW) program chose to offer the course through their resource centre at Station 20 West. The initiative recently certified 22 CNAW participants.

CNAW program supervisor, Kristen Thoms, explains that: "From speaking with participants in the program, we identified a need for Safe Food Handling training. The course offering generated a large amount of interest, and everyone who went through the program has also passed the course and was certified."

Of course, Saskatoon is not the only place with a booming hospitality industry, and cities are not the only centres with a need for people with Safe Food Handling certification. Many mining, construction, and oil and gas companies in Saskatchewan and Alberta have on-site hospitality crews for their camps.

One example of this is the BHP Billiton mine site near Jansen, SK. The camp, which is being built and staffed by ATCO, will eventually house over 2500 people. Because the camp population is bused in and rotates 21-on and 7-off shifts, everyone will need to eat at the camp and that will require a significant quantity of kitchen staff.

"We hope that by offering this course, we can connect these people to the labour market and get a foot in the door. Our mandate is to get people working, and there is a need for workers in the hospitality industry," Ms Thoms stated.
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Our Vision

We see citizens who are caring and self reliant in communities that are safe and stable, where all citizens can participate. We see a vital local economy that uses local resources, sustains jobs, business and community enterprises, with neighbourhoods that are prosperous, beautiful and environmentally sustainable. We see the community initiating and supporting cultural, recreational, educational and social-economic opportunities for us all.

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