The Poder25 program is the first General Counsel pipeline program specifically targeted for Latinx attorneys that tackles the unique challenges that Latinx professionals in the legal field face, including but not limited to: anti-Latinx implicit bias, lack of mentorship/sponsorship, and lack of exposure to the networks required to gain entrance into the highest strata of the legal profession. Due in part to these unique challenges, today only 1.8% of Fortune 500 General Counsel are Latinx. The HNBA believes that not only should the General Counsel of Fortune 500 corporations drive diversity in the legal industry, but they should also be diverse themselves so that corporate executive suites reflect the diversity of the communities in which they do business. A recent McKinsey & Co. report indicates that diverse companies perform financially better than non-diverse companies. As such, diverse General Counsel provide a real value-add to corporate legal departments, positively impacting the company, economy and society.  

The goal of the Poder25 program is to increase the number of Latinx General Counsel at Fortune 500 companies to 20 by the year 2025 by providing the training and mentorship needed to make program participants viable General Counsel candidates. In 2019, the Poder25 program is being expanded to include new participants. Current Poder25 participants need not reapply. The HNBA seeks individuals who aspire to join the General Counsel ranks to participate in this vital, unique, and cutting-edge program. 

Learn more about the program HERE. 

Deadline to Apply: December 31, 2018

Questions? Please e-mail Carla Martin, HNBA Director of Programs,
at cmartin@hnba.com.


Poder25 is a joined enterprise with the HNBA VIA (“Vision in Action”) Fund.
Learn more about VIA HERE.