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HNBA Opposes the Nomination of Senator Jeff Sessions for Attorney General

WASHINGTON, DC -- The Hispanic National Bar Association announced today its opposition to the nomination of Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) to the office of Attorney General of the United States of America. In a statement, HNBA National President Pedro J. Torres-Díaz said:

"After careful consideration, first of this process–in itself, flawed–and subsequently the candidate’s record, the HNBA has decided that it cannot support the nomination of Senator Jeff Sessions for the position of Attorney General.

"The HNBA previously appealed to the Judiciary Committee, along with hundreds of other organizations, to delay Senator Sessions’ confirmation hearing in order to adequately study his record. Not only was this request not addressed, but upon review of the Senator’s questionnaire, we unfortunately found glaring deficiencies and omissions in the same.

"The role of the recent hearings is not to evaluate Senator Sessions as a person, or as a Senator, but as the highest law enforcement officer in the land, and on his ability to faithfully and impartially enforce the law and ensure our constitutional freedoms. Senator Sessions’ dismal record on such critical issues as civil rights, the Voting Rights Act, violence against women, protection of LGBT individuals, defense of victims of hate crimes, affirmative action, diversity and inclusion, and immigration suggest that he may not zealously do so. The hearings conducted this week gave us some clues as to what kind of Attorney General Senator Sessions would be, and while we were pleased to see a change in tone on some important issues, this more recent tone is unfortunately not supported by documents submitted by Senator Sessions to the Committee in several instances, nor by his history of votes, statements, and (requests for) meetings with the HNBA.

"As lawyers, our very profession lives and dies by following due process, submitting complete and faithful information, and dutifully representing the interests of those we serve. We are concerned that these guiding principles were not thoroughly followed in addressing the qualifications of Senator Sessions for a position as crucial as that of Attorney General of the United States.

"Given the procedural as well as substantive concerns this entire process has raised, the HNBA must oppose this nomination."     
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