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Leading Global Companies Join HNBA to Sponsor Intellectual Property Law Institute 
Adobe, Apple, Facebook, Google and Lenovo join Microsoft to support the HNBA’s effort to increase the representation of Hispanic attorneys practicing Intellectual Property Law

WASHINGTON, DC -- The Hispanic National Bar Association is pleased to announce that Adobe, Apple, Facebook, Google and Lenovo will join Microsoft as corporate sponsors of the Intellectual Property Law Institute (“IPLI”). This expansion comes after seven years running one of the most successful immersion programs for Latinx law students with key members of the Federal Judiciary and administrative agencies, legal scholars, and attorneys from some of the most prestigious law firms in the U.S.

The IPLI emerged as a much-needed response to the systemic problem of severe under-representation of minorities in intellectual property and technology law. For Hispanics, who account for less than 5% of the total legal population, only about 2% of that small Hispanic legal population practices in IP and technology law. The IPLI is designed to address these statistics by offering a program to bring Latinx law students into the intellectual property and technology legal fields to educate them about the career paths in these fields and increase their representation. The HNBA carefully selects Latinx law students (“scholars”) from across the country to meet lawyers, judges, regulators, and legislators in Washington, DC, and receive substantive instruction at George Washington University Law School from professors, top practitioners, and in-house counsel. These leading members of the IP and technology legal community serve as mentors to the scholars and provide pathways for future job placement.

The IPLI is a partnership between the HNBA, corporate and law firm sponsors in combination with public sector entities, key members of the Federal Judiciary, members of administrative agencies, and academia. Launched in 2013 in partnership with Microsoft, the IPLI has graduated over 150 scholars, a vast majority of whom are now IP and technology attorneys. As a result of its significant social impact in the legal community, the IPLI’s success has now attracted some of the biggest names in IP and technology to join as sponsors—Adobe, Apple, Facebook, Google, Lenovo, and Microsoft—and the HNBA welcomes them!

“As one of the founding members of the HNBA IPLI program and a Latina IP attorney that has been practicing for over 20 years in the space, I am beyond thrilled to see our program expand. There is a dearth of Latinos in the IP field so there is a significant need for our program. I'm grateful that some of the largest technology companies in the world also see the need and are partnering with us. Lastly, I want to thank those law firms that have also committed to supporting the program. A big HNBA gracias.” – Jennifer Salinas, National President, HNBA

“We are honored to partner with the HNBA and be a part of a program that will help move the needle for increasing diverse perspectives for legal problem solving and decision making. By fostering underrepresented groups, we are strengthening the legal profession with diverse ethnicities and cultures that will bring innovative ideas to the tough issues we are tackling.” – Dana Rao, General Counsel, Adobe Systems Incorporated

“Facebook is excited to partner with the HNBA to support the IPLI. We know that diverse teams make better decisions and are proud to back their efforts to increase representation of Latinx lawyers practicing intellectual property and technology law. Investing in programs like the IPLI is an important step in increasing diversity in the legal profession.” – Colin Stretch, General Counsel, Facebook

“Lenovo shares the mission of the HNBA, and is very pleased to sponsor the IP Law Institute (IPLI) program. Building a smart future where everyone thrives – what Lenovo calls Intelligent Transformation – requires a global commitment to Diversity and Inclusion. We are so proud that our very own Jennifer Salinas, Head of Global Litigation for Lenovo and the HNBA National President, is helping advance these principles through programming like the IPLI – which will empower the next generation of Hispanic lawyers by unlocking their potential, breaking down barriers and enhancing connections.” – Laura Quatela, SVP & Chief Legal Officer, Lenovo

“We’re very excited that these corporate leaders will be joining us in supporting the IPLI. When we started the IPLI with the HNBA, we had a vision that we could create a meaningful new pathway for Latino law students to become practicing IP attorneys. I’m proud that we have not only made a difference in the lives of so many students already, but with the addition of these new sponsors, we are poised to accelerate progress.” – Erich Andersen, Intellectual Property Group – Corporate Vice-President & Chief IP Counsel, Microsoft

“When IPLI first launched, Latinx IP attorneys represented 1.8% of the total Latinx legal profession, which was less than 4% of the overall legal population in the U.S. After six years, IPLI has helped increase those numbers. More than 75% of all IPLI scholars have gone to pursue careers in IP, and some of them have even clerked for the most prestigious Federal Courts in the country. 45% of the graduates are female. With the much larger under-representation issue among attorneys practicing IP law, the number of female IPLI graduates has directly impacted the national percentage of female attorneys in the area of IP law. These statistics show the significance and impact of a program like IPLI for the Hispanic community in the U.S.” Alba Cruz-Hacker, HNBA Executive Director & COO

The HNBA thanks its 2019 IPLI corporate sponsors for their commitment to advancing the mission of IPLI and developing our future IP and technology law leaders.

IPLI Patent Bar and Bar Prep Course Scholarships Announced

IPLI’s impact is rapidly expanding, and it is now facilitating a path for its scholars to access financial resources that are not easily available to the Latinx community. HNBA has awarded the IPLI Patent Bar and Bar Prep Course Scholarship to twelve IPLI scholars. Historically, Hispanic law graduates are at least twice as likely to fail the bar exam compared to non-minority classmates. The Patent Bar & Bar Prep Course Scholarship aims to remedy that statistic by providing scholars with the financial resources necessary to prepare them for their bar exams.

Applications for the 2019 IPLI will be available starting February 1, 2019, at
https://hnba.com/2019-intellectual-property-symposium/ipli-application/. The program will take place June 1–7, 2019. Please contact Carla Martin, HNBA Director of Programs, at cmartin@hnba.com for any questions regarding IPLI.

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