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HNBA President: Congress Must Protect Human Rights and U.S. Legal Asylum Process 

WASHINGTON, DC -- The President of the Hispanic National Bar Association, Jennifer Salinas, issued the statement below in response to U.S. Customs and Border Protection closing the San Ysidro Port of Entry on Sunday and firing tear gas on civilians, including children, at the U.S.-Mexico border. 

“The Administration has escalated its actions and rhetoric aimed at undocumented immigrants and asylum seekers, using dehumanizing language to describe Central and South American migrants seeking refuge in the United States,” said HNBA President Jennifer Salinas. “We continue to urge this Administration to ensure that migrants and asylum seekers are treated with dignity and fairness within the established legal framework.” 

“Our nation has always stood as a refuge from those who have nowhere to turn. We must uphold the ideals of our nation and afford all of those who would seek asylum the due process that was created by our Congress. Our elected representatives must not demonize those fleeing violence or political persecution in their home countries.” 

“We call on the current and incoming leaders in Congress to do everything in their power to serve as a check and push back against this Administration’s inhumane treatment of asylum seekers and its attempt to curtail the legal right to asylum. We applaud the human and civil rights organizations leading an affirmative defense of this right in the court system, and urge everyday Americans to make their voices heard on this issue.” 

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