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22 March 2016 - WORLD WATER DAY
"Better water, better jobs"

For over 25 years, the Antenna Foundation has pursued its mission to:
  • find innovative, sustainable, and affordable solutions to meet the needs of people living on just a few dollars a day
  • empower local communities and create job opportunities for the poor and disadvantaged.
Thanks to our WATA® technology, which has been tried and tested over many years in the field, we can enable communities to produce their own supply of safe drinking water and support social entrepreneurship.
We have provided access to safe drinking water for around 15 million people over the past few years.
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Antenna, an incubator for social enterprises, particularly in Guinea Conakry

Thanks to local coordination and the integration of various stakeholders, including UNICEF and the Ministry of Health, the project became widely recognized at the national level in 2011, when it was officially recommended to health care facilities. Tinkisso-Antenna was also instrumental in local efforts to combat the Ebola epidemic.
Producing more than 5 million bottles in 2015, Tinkisso-Antenna offers a real solution for producing water disinfectant, releasing enterprises from a dependency on chlorine imports, and making it easier for them to respond quickly to health emergencies.
One of the social objectives of Tinkisso-Antenna is to combat youth unemployment, by offering opportunities to young people: the enterprise employs over 120 people directly, and has a network of 2’600 community workers (including around 700 women).
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Water, women and jobs

By giving them economic independence, women are empowered and can break the perpetuation of gender inequality. Allowing women to carry out economic activities and create opportunities for paid work is one path toward development.

Our social business partners in Asia, such as PakoSwiss (in Pakistan) are providing in urban and rural water training through to the community, explaining the effect of water diseases to all the community and especially woman and their children.

Social Enterprise TARA (Technology and Action for Rural Advancement) in India and the NGO
ECCA (Environmental Camps for Conservation Awareness) in Nepal are also supplying chlorine flasks to the ASHA (women communities) workers or Self Help Groups. They will then deliver and explain the importance of this product for women’s health during door-to-doors campaigns.

Support our sustainable projects
thanks to WATA
® technology !

Your donations will go directly towards financing projects in the field or creating social enterprises designed to empower local communities.


Regardez la vidéo du CICR

The ICRC uses our WATA® !
Did you know that the ICRC uses our WATA® devices to improve hygiene in prisons?
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WHO recommends Antenna in its recent 2016 report

"WHO International Scheme to Evaluate Household Water Treatment Technologies", p. 45
More info on WHO website
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The Antenna Foundation will present its innovative and sustainable solutions to:

Geneva Health Forum

19-21 April at CICG

"Global Health : sustainable and affordable innovations in healthcare"

Come and discover "Tomorrow's Affordable Hospital" that will display many innovations in global health
- the general public is welcome every day as of 5:30 pm  -



2-4 May at EPFL

"From Innovation to social impact"
UNESCO Chair Conference on Technologies for Development
Session organized by Antenna (4 May) :

"From Developing to Scaling Up Innovative Social Businesses
at the Base of the Pyramid"
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World Water Week

28 August - 2 September in Stockholm

“Water and Sustainable Growth”
An overview of our activities in 3 minutes
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