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An overview of our activities in 3 minutes

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Antenna Technologies and the Swiss National Service: an enriching knowledge exchange

In Switzerland, young men who do not join the military are required to serve in the non-military national service. Through a joint program with the Swiss government, some of these men are able to spend their service time learning from and supporting Antenna. We offer them the opportunity to work on projects that match their skill set and interests. Below are some of their stories.

Gwennaël Bolomey and his experience in India and Togo

misison_india_togo« I had the chance to be part of two Antenna Technologies Foundation projects as part of my national service. My first posting was in Tamil Nadu in India, and my second, this past winter, was in Togo, making films documenting the foundation’s activities, in particular the production of spirulina, a brilliant dietary supplement. I also made an animated film with an illustrator colleague, Fanny Vaucher, when I returned to Switzerland, showing the overall mission of Antenna, which you can watch in this newsletter. » Read full story by Gwennaël Bolomey, Masters of Arts in Cinema
Max Carrel
Master in Physics, EPFL, on national service in the Energy team

« As part of my national service with Antenna, I was involved with the technical development of OOLUX, a high-quality solar lighting kit. I also saw this technology in use in the field in Kenya and Uganda. It was a really interesting experience, in a very stimulating environment!»
Maxime Despont
Master in International Affairs & Governance, University of St. Gallen, on national service in the Safe Water team

« My national service with Antenna was very satisfying. I was working with very friendly people and I felt part of the team very quickly. I also valued the responsibilities I was given. They allowed me to improve personal, professional and critical thinking skills whilst contributing to concrete development projects - a really great combination. I have already used many of these skills in my new job, particularly analysing and summarising data.»
Yannick Sauter
Master in Physics, EPFL, on national service in the Safe Water Team

« My national service with Antenna in Burkina Faso was an amazing experience. It was brilliant from a professional perspective: I was given a lot of responsibility and a wide variety of tasks. The whole experience was really enriching. We equipped 26 health centres with WATA kits, giving them easy access to high-quality sodium hypo-chloride (active chlorine) which improved the hygiene in the hospitals. The experience was even better from a personal perspective: I was expecting to discover a new culture, but I didn’t expect to really become part of it. »

Michael Vogt
Master in Mechanical Engineering, ETHZ, on national service in the Safe Water team

« After understanding the WATA technology during the first weeks of my civil service, I immediately received high responsibilities to work on existing technical problems. The exchanges and collaboration with suppliers and partners in the field afforded me a variety of experiences and exciting insights into development aid. My service concluded wtih a project visit to Nepal, where I advised a partner organization on how to improve their chlorine production processes with our technology. »


OOLUX, our solar lighting kit available online !

oolux_online_shopDeveloped for places in Africa without electricity, the OOLUX solar lighting kit is now available in Switzerland and across Europe. We are selling a limited number of kits to support the work of Antenna, who took part in the development of the product and supports its distribution across Africa. Get yours today !

Antenna's spirulina farms in Robert Henrikson's most recent book.

Robert Henrikson, early pioneer of modern spirulina farming, products and marketing since 1977, has included examples of Antenna's spirulina farms in chapter 2 of "ALGAE MICROFARMS". The book showcases how algae microfarms can help transform our food culture by growing abundant healthy food in a very small area, affordably and profitably. Chapter 2 is about Small farms in the developing world (p.19-36).

Learn why Antenna focuses on Spirulina to improve the health of children and adults suffering from mild and moderate malnutrition in developing countries.

You can buy ALGAE MICROFARMS on and To stay informed about algae microfarms, spirulina and technology Like Henrikson's MicroFarms Facebook page.
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