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MARCH 2017

WATA technology saves thousands of lives!
SDGs #6 Clean Water & Sanitation 

WATA Journée mondiale de l'eau
Watch our video specially realised for World Water Day!

Program to fight cholera in the DRC  

Our African partners ASED (Action for Health, the Environment and Development) and Maji-Maisha Antenna are also organising some very special action for World Water Day.

Cholera is endemoepidemic in the region to the north of Lake Tanganyika (the Uvira area/Sud-Kivu Province in the DRC).

Objectives of the action :
1. Inform the public about ways of obtaining safe water, by means of the various techniques and methods now available. 
2. Distribute free bottles of disinfectant (sodium hypochlorite made using WATA technology).

These bottles of disinfectant are to treat water and make it drinkable in the households which are most affected by cholera and in Cholera Treatment Centres for those suffering from the disease. 



The Antenna Foundation is financing support for a young entrepreneur in Burkina Faso. La Fabrique  (social business incubator), based in Ouagadougou, is enabling him to set up a production unit for bottles of sodium hypochlorite to treat water in homes and make it safe to drink. 

Program for the production and distribution of spirulina in Madagascar (near Mahajanga)

EcoFormation, a Swiss foundation, has been managing and developing environmental and social projects in Madagascar  since 2010 (reforestation, agro-forestry and  restoration of biodiversity project). There is an increasing need for spirulina in Madagascar, where almost one in two children suffers from malnutrition. EcoFormation sought help from Antenna France for a project to set up a spirulina production and distribution farm near Mahajanga.

The farm will initially cover 500m2 and be able to distribute 40% of its production to 3,600 children.   

Project funding is currently being sought and the program will not start until the full budget is covered.  Download the project page and share the information so that the project can start very soon... Madagascar's needs are urgent!

Thank you very much for your help!


Local anti-hypertensive products in Senegal
A delegation from Antenna Medicines will go to Senegal in April to contribute to the start-up of research on treatments for hypertension based on local products.  The aim is to check whether the products, manufactured with medicinal herbs widely used in West Africa, can be as effective as standard imported products.
Various preparations will be compared, including herbal teas and tablets made from dried herbs.  The research will be conducted with the new medical school in St Louis and hospitals in four different towns in Senegal, and in partnership with the University of Geneva (Department of Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy).   


Antenna Foundation will present its innovative solutions in : 

Arab Water Week 

19-23 March 2017 in Jordania
more info

G3iD  - Geneva Global Goals Innovation Days 

Friday 24th March in Geneva (Tour CFF Pont-Rouge)
more info

Sustainable Development Week 

Tuesday 28th March at the University of Geneva (Uni-Mail)

more info


Wash in Health Care Facilities (WHO/UNICEF)

28-30 March in Katmandou, Nepal
more info

A big thank you from the Antenna Team for all your support !

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