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Clinical Depression
 Awareness Month

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Hi! I am Samantha. I'm so excited to be a part of Jupiter Family Chiropractic. I look forward to meeting all of you and seeing your faces.

Here is a little bit about me:

I am originally from Manchester, England. I am a Graphic Designer/Illustrator. I have over 19 years of experience in the fitness industry and was voted one of the top Personal Trainers of South Florida in 2010. I am a certified Rollologist (feel free to ask me what that is!) where I volunteer weekly with a Rehabilitation for women.

I love the arts, music, culture and being out in nature. I love being of service so please feel free to ask for my assistance when needed! :-) 

Clinical Depression

Clinical depression is different from feeling “blue.”  Everyone feels normal ups and downs throughout their life, but people with clinical depression suffer from symptoms very different from these normal highs and lows. In fact, many people who have been diagnosed with depression don’t feel sad at all. They frequently use words like “empty” or “vacant” when describing their symptoms, and what looks like sadness to others is often a feeling of hopelessness and helplessness.

Are You Depressed?

If you display three or more of the following symptoms and have for more than a month or two, you may be suffering from depression:

Melissa Stranded

  • Sleep disturbances—frequent night waking, not sleeping enough, sleeping too much.
  • A feeling that the world is hopeless and there’s nothing you can do to change your life.
  • Trouble concentrating or a “foggy” brain.
  • Tasks that were once fascinating hold no interest for you.
  • You are constantly plagued with negative feelings and thoughts.
  • Eating disturbances—eating too much or not at all.
  • Thoughts of suicide, even if you don’t have a concrete plan.
  • You’re more irritable, grouchy, short tempered, or aggressive than normal.
  • You’ve begun self-medicating with food, alcohol, or other dangerous substances.

If you’ve lost interest in life, it may feel like seeking treatment is impossible. However, it’s important for you to know that clinical depression rarely goes away without some form of treatment, and according to a recent study, chiropractic care may be the treatment that you’re looking for.

The Journal of Vertebral Subluxation published research showing that 70 percent of depressed participants felt a “marked improvement” after receiving chiropractic treatment for an upper cervical misalignment.

The study followed 15 patients who had a history of depression. They were all diagnosed with upper cervical misalignments via X-rays and posture analysis. After two weeks of adjustments to the first bone in the neck, 73 percent of the participants reported a marked improvement and 13 percent noted a slight improvement. The other 13 percent reported no improvement or a worsening in the symptoms.

If you’re suffering from depression and you haven’t had success with traditional depression treatments, you may talk to Doctor Helia about alternative therapies. She may be able to improve or relieve your symptoms via specialized adjustments tailored to you, nutritional and exercise advice.

There’s no reason to suffer with depression. We are a safe place for you to feel comfortable and reassured during your time of need.

Breast Thermography Appointments Available
Thermography is a radiation-free health screening procedure that uses heat detection to locate areas of temperature differences in the body.

Most pathological processes demonstrate increased heat, and some show excessive cold, or hypothermia. Breast disease can be detected by looking for areas of excess heat indicative of increased blood vessels supplied to a growing tumor.
All reports are reviewed and signed by senior interpreter, Alexander Sepper, MD, Ph.D., who has practiced over 30 years as a Gynecologist and has performed 100’s of thousands of thermal studies for women with ovarian and breast cancer.
Thermography technician, Ashley Ageloff, will be performing Thermography scans at Jupiter Family Chiropractic one day per month. Call 561.277.9087 for next month's screening date.

Appointments can be made at the front desk or by calling our office at 561.277.9087. Spots are limited.
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