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MAY 2015

Arthritis Awareness Month
Pamper your mom this Mother's Day

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The office will be CLOSED on Memorial Day, May 25th as well as  Wednesday, May 27th. The office will reopen Friday, May 29th with covering doctor,
Dr. Hamed Kian.
Dr. Helia will return to the office on Monday June 1st
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With the exception of ischemic heart disease, osteoarthritis is the leading cause of disability in the United States. While osteoarthritis can affect younger people, it usually occurs in the elderly; radiographic studies have detected the presence of osteoarthritis in an estimated 85% of people between the ages of 55 and 64. It affects the synovial joints, particularly those of the knee, hip, hand and facet joints of the spine, and can cause severe pain and stiffness. Osteoarthritis of the hip is especially debilitating, as it can cause pain around the hip joint, groin and lateral thigh.

In this small controlled, prospective pilot study, researchers assessed the effectiveness of chiropractic manipulation in patients with hip osteoarthritis. Eight patients, all of whom either suffered from hip pain or were diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the hip, were assigned to a chiropractic group or a sham treatment group. Patients in the chiropractic group were assessed for limitation in hip range of motion and joint play restriction, and received manual chiropractic manipulation six times over a three-week period, using a variety of manipulative techniques. Patients in the sham group did not receive any manual or "hands-on" assessment, but were treated with an Activator device, modified to deliver a series of "thrusts" without any real force being delivered. A pain rating scale, an osteoarthritis index and range of motion (ROM) measurements were used in both groups to assess the effectiveness of treatment.

Results showed that both the sham and manipulative treatments produced positive effects. However, trends were observed that seemed favorable for manipulation in regard to pain levels, overall osteoarthritis scores and hip range of motion levels. It is also noted that the most favorable results were produced when adjusted three times per week during the patient's acute phase.

Breast Thermography Appointments Available
Thermography is a radiation-free health screening procedure that uses heat detection to locate areas of temperature differences in the body.

Most pathological processes demonstrate increased heat, and some show excessive cold, or hypothermia. Breast disease can be detected by looking for areas of excess heat indicative of increased blood vessels supplied to a growing tumor.
All reports are reviewed and signed by senior interpreter, Alexander Sepper, MD, Ph.D., who has practiced over 30 years as a Gynecologist and has performed 100’s of thousands of thermal studies for women with ovarian and breast cancer.
Thermography technician, Ashley Ageloff, will be performing Thermography scans at Jupiter Family Chiropractic one day per month. Call 561.277.9087 for next month's screening date.

Appointments can be made at the front desk or by calling our office at 561.277.9087. Spots are limited.
May's Testimonial

Infantile Acid Reflux

"I found Jupiter Family Chiropractic and met Dr. Helia when I thought there were no other options. My son was born full term but delivered via vacuum extraction which caused many complications for him including, but not limited to, severe reflux and the inability to lift and turn his head to the right. One night, while researching options, I learned about Chiropractic Care and all of the benefits it has to offer. It is the best decision that I have made for Kody.

When Kody started treatment he was only 8 weeks old and suffering from constant reflux pain which led to sleepless days and nights, constant crying, and an all-around miserable, fussy baby. He was on several medications to control the reflux (Zantac 2x/day and Prevacid 1x/day) but even then, he had times where the milk would come through his nose and mouth! This in turn, simultaneously, would cause him to choke! He would then need to be aspirated. In addition to all of this, since he was 3 weeks old every bottle he was given had to be thickened with rice cereal due to the severe acid reflux. He could only sleep upright and tummy time was not even an option! Needless to say, after a lot of different medications and several hospital visits later, I was in search of a more natural, holistic approach - and that approach was Chiropractic Care.

Within only 1 month of treatment, Kody’s range of motion increased very much and he was able to turn his head to the right! Within 2 months of treatment, he was lifting his head up high during tummy time and even rolling over! By the third month of treatment, the reflux had improved so much that we were able to remove the Zantac medication. Now, at almost 6 months old, Kody is doing fantastic! He is almost medication free, he is rolling, sitting and standing up with limited assistance, he is sleeping through the night, and the rice is no longer needed in his bottles due to the fact that his reflux has almost disappeared!

I owe my son's happiness and our overall well-being to Dr. Helia - I would highly recommend anyone suffering from a similar situation or any other situation for that matter, to undergo Chiropractic Care as it truly has been a life saver for my family!"

-Ashley and baby Kody

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