IUIS Newsletter #8: Spring time means the International Day of Immunology!
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 IUIS Newsletter #8: Spring time means the International Day of Immunology!        

! Vote on new members !
Kosovo, Mali and Montenegro are applying for regular IUIS membership.
Eligible IUIS Members Representatives will be contacted soon with details for the virtual vote.

 For rules of membership refer to the IUIS constitution and bylaws.

The Day of Immunology  
The 29th of April marks the International Day of Immunology. This public awareness day was created in 2005 to increase a better understanding of the expansive scientific discipline that is immunology.

Follow the link for an overview of what some of the IUIS Members had prepared for the Day of Immunology.

Committee Features
Each quarterly newsletter we feature the work of one or two IUIS committees.

Primary immunodeficiency Expert Committee (PID)
NEW: The PID has created a task force to launch a searchable online and potential application version of the classification tables they manage.

Originally, the PID was set up under the auspices of the World Health Organisation in 1973, to describe and classify the types of primary immune defects affecting humans. 

The classification of those diseases recognised at the time was published in a report (Cooper MD et al NEJM 288 966-967, 1973) and revised every two years subsequently.

However in the 1990s the WHO made a policy decision to concentrate on more common diseases, so the IUIS agreed to take on the remit of this committee; this was formalised at the 54th IUIS Council meeting in Tapei in 2008.

PID members at the conclusion of their bi-annual meeting held in March at the UCL Institute of Child Health in London.
Bobby Gaspar, Chair (left), Charlotte Cunningham-Rundles, Treasurer (middle)  and Jose Luis Franco, Secretary (right) .

Education Committee (EDU) & Clinical Immunology Committee (CIC)
NEW: This year, the Education Committee (EDU) and the Clinical Immunology Committee (CIC) are launching a workshop series. They have been working hard over the past year on their proposal for rotating regional workshops to take place in the four corners of both Africa and Latin America, over the next two years. In October 2015, the pilot workshops are to take place in Medellín, Colombia (10-13th), and then Cape Town, South Africa (20-24th).
Partnerships are underway with the Univeristy of Cape Town to license Immunopaedia as a tool to facilitate preparation for the face to face workshops and with I CARE, INC. for access to the textbook Immunology IV.

Please contact Michelle Letarte or Reinhold Schmidt for more information.  

Council vote on membership dues

IUIS membership dues have not changed in nearly a decade. An increase was deemed necessary in order to better support the activities of the IUIS and improve the tools of communication of our very specialized international platform.

After years of debate, the IUIS Executive Committee has again requested the IUIS Council to approve an increase in membership dues.

The vote will take place during the 63rd Council Meeting to be held in Medellin, Colombia, October 13, 2015 on the occasion of the ALAI conference, Immunocolombia 2015.


The proposed new rate for a Low Income country would be raised from 2.75 USD to 3 USD. The proposed rate for a High Income country would be raised from 7.50 USD to 9 USD.

The increased dues would take effect in 2016

Please feel free to contact us for feedback or any queries.


ICI 2016  Scientific Program taking shape  

In the past month, over 50 IUIS member societies have nominated their best and brightest to sit on the ICI 2016 Scientific Program Committee (SPC), to chair or to speak at ICI 2016. IUIS officers have condensed the list of candidates and the SPC met on April 29th (International Day of Immunology!) to make the final selections on members of their committee, as well as proceeding with the short list of chairs and speakers for Melbourne.
Stay tuned to the ICI 2016 website, where all the updated committee members and session speakers will be posted.

IUIS Events

June 4 -7, 2015
28th Annual Canadian society for Immunology Annual Meeting

June 30 - July 3, 2015
6th Congress of FIMSA

September 6-9, 2015
4th European Congress of Immunology - ECI 2015
Vienna, Austria

October 10-13, 2015015 
IUIS Activities pre-Immunocolombia 2015
Medellín, Colombia

October 13, 2015015 
63rd Council Meeting  IUIS
Medellín, Colombia

October 13-16, 2015
11th ALAI Congress - Immunocolombia 2015
Medellín, Colombia

Frontiers in Immunology indexed in the Journal Citation Reports

The official journal of the IUIS Frontiers in Immunology has been selected for indexation in the Journal Citations Reports.  The journal will be included in the Web of Science database, and will receive its first official impact factor in summer 2015.

For additional information click on this link.

The IUIS is constantly renewing the partnership with its official journal, Frontiers in Immunology

See why it is beneficial to publish with us
Research topics have been launch for 2015 in collaboration with Immunocolombia 2015.

Please contact Kendall Smith for more information.
Immunology in Colombia

Apart from the IUIS activities during the 63rd IUIS Council Meeting on the occassion of the Immunocolombia 2015, there is other excellent work being done in our host country.

Discover two highly attractive independent research group leaders in immunology in Colombia. This is a joint effort of the Max Planck Society and Colombian Universities.


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