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The Day of Immunology is April 29, 2013!
graphic from book "Your Amazing Immune System"

Apply for a Prize & Participate!

Dear Colleagues,

The annual Day of Immunology is just around the corner – April 29, 2013! This year, IUIS and EFIS are working together to involve all regional and national societies in a global effort to promote the benefits of immunology research. This is a unique opportunity to increase awareness around the world about immunology and the importance of immunity to fight major diseases, improve research and save lives.

We strongly encourage every immunological society and federation to participate.  Use any promotional materials you want.  To make it easy, EFIS is providing existing pedagogic material that you can freely use to create a winning campaign that will reach journalists, school teachers, politicians, decision makers and all people you know.

Design your campaign the way you like using any media you wish - posters, film, video, social media, email or regular mail.  Ask all your members to give interviews, lectures, join classroom discussions, meet teachers and talk to friends, family and neighbors about their amazing immune system!

April 29 as the day to discuss immunology with everyone you know.  Your participation is shaping an international community of immunologists dedicated to improving health for people around the world.   

Applying for a prize is simple - just follow the steps below.  We look forward to celebrating the awards with you at the ICI Milan, 22-27 August 2013. 

Stefan Kaufmann, IUIS President, and Lorenzo Moretta EFIS President

Stefan H.E. Kaufmann                               Lorenzo Moretta
President, IUIS                                           President, EFIS

Apply to Win a Prize for Your Campaign

The contest for the best public relations campaign for the Day of Immunology is now open! Prizes totalling 5,000 euros will be given to the top 3 campaigns. All National Societies of Immunology and Regional Federations are eligible to apply for a prize.

How to Apply 

1. Designate one person among your staff or members to be the "Ambassador" for the campaign that you will develop and implement.  Your Ambassador will be the contact person for all information regarding your campaign.

2. Send the name of your Ambassador, his/her email, phone, address and a short description of your campaign action plan to: iuis.ny@verizon.net  
Deadline: April 15, 2013.

3. Design and implement your campaign to take place on or around the Day of Immunology, April 29, 2013.   

4. After your campaign is complete, submit a detailed report to iuis.ny@verizon.net.
Your report should include what you did, an estimate of how many people you reached, and what were some of the major results.  More information about how to submit a report will be sent to your Ambassador.  Deadline for reports: 
June 1, 2013
Criteria for Awarding Prizes
Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 candidates who develop and implement a campaign.  Awards will be given based on the campaign’s originality, clarity, and impact at national or regional level.

Prizes will be announced during a special awards ceremony at the ICI Milan, 22-27 August 2013. 

Free and Easy Tools for your Campaign, Provided by EFIS - Use Them in Your Campaign if You Like!

1.  “Your Amazing Immune System – How It Protects Your Body” Book and interactive website at this link
To make it easy for every participant to focus on targeting the right audience, including school teachers, journalists, media, politicians, and the general public, we strongly advise you to use the already-made book, “Your Amazing Immune System – How It Protects Your Body,” created by the Japanese Society of Immunology. EFIS helped make the book available in many different languages. Following its great success, EFIS later developed an interactive web adaptation of the book, including quizzes and more in-depth information -  check it out at this link where you can also download a PDF of the book in different languages.  

2.  "Inside Immunity" - Online Exhibition on Immunology at www.inside-immunity.org
The "Inside Immunity" project developed from the fact that research institutes produce incredible images and videos of what is going on inside our body. These graphics and schematics are strongly appealing: A caption explains that what looks like a fascinating painting is actually a macrophage swallowing bacteria. There are also short videos that show lymphocytes checking a host cell, and the invasion of the bacteria into respiratory tissue when the immune system is impaired.

The EFIS board welcomes everyone to use this exhibition for your own promotional activities on immunology.
3.  Short Film: “The Immunology Knight” download and view at this link
One of EFIS's PR activities in 2008 was the launch of a competition for the best short film depicting the importance of immunology. Short films spark debate in less than 10 minutes, and can be shown in cinemas, film festivals, science festivals and online.  The film delivers a message that inspires the audience to learn. EFIS supported the production of "The Immunology Knight," a film by young director Luca Sabbioni from Italy. Download it in different languages and resolutions at this link.

The EFIS board and the film director welcome everyone to use this clip for your own promotional activities on immunology.

Your Amazing Immune System - book cover

Some History

In 2005, the European Federation of Immunological Societies (EFIS) initiated the Day of Immunology.
Media coverage was widespread among all IUIS societies, enhancing public awareness of immunology and reaching top decision makers through symposia, lectures, numerous television appearances and press conferences.

graphic from "Your Amazing Immune System", diagram

School Teachers – A Particularly Important Target for the Day of Immunology

We encourage participants to submit campaigns that help teachers reach their students through challenging games, surprising discoveries and eye-opening information.  

Increasing students awareness about immunology has a positive ripple-effect in society; the earlier on we reach students, the greater the impact will be in the long term to “improve awareness of health issues within families, and, in some cases, propel students into higher science education and science careers,” said Prof. Stefan Kaufmann, President of IUIS.

graphic from "Your Amazing Immune System"

Images from "Your Amazing Immune System" - check the book out at this link!

The Immunology Knight - film still 1

The Immunology Knight - film still 2

The Immunology Knight - film still 3

Film stills from "The Immunology Knight" directed by Luca Sabbioni - download and view it at this link!

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