Light Sculpture Forms In Nature by HildenDiaz
Light Sculpture Forms in Nature

Thank you for your interest in our light sculpture “Forms of Nature”. Due to the very wide interest from the public, we now want to create an artwork for private individuals like you!

We are currently developing a product line that includes a series of light sculptures. These could be used in your home, office, or whichever space calls for it.
During the following weeks, our product line will be tailored to a crowd-funding campaign, like or similar. This will make it possible for the light sculptures to be available to those who want to be the first to have the series.

In order for you to get the best deal, please:

Update your contact profile including the price range that you'd be willing to spen

We will be in touch with you soon about our product launch.
Thanks for your help and support!

Hilden Diaz


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