Say hello to 2012! Find out how much pet food we gathered over the holidays, and who helped us do it, and get a bit of helpful info for using Twitter right and proper.
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Happy New Year, guys! You're probably just settling into 2012 after the holidays, and I have to say, it's been nice getting back into the swing of life in Portland. Whether your holiday was restful or hectic, I hope you enjoyed good times with at least some of your favorite people, and got to take a few moments for yourself to refresh your noggin and your spirits. 

2011 turned out pretty swimmingly for me with SGC, and things are already looking better than I expected, after just a few short months of running the studio full-time. I'm definitely looking forward to hearing from you in 2012, and helping refresh your photography, web site design, and print/graphic branding needs in the year to come. I hope things are looking just as bright for you in your passions and pursuits, and I'd love to help brighten them even more if I can!

Take care of you and your loved ones, and make this next year as fantastic as you want it to be!

Pet Food Drive Wrap-Up!

On the final evening of A Bowlful of Heart, I dropped in on Alyson of Clair Vintage, and with help from co-sponsors at Hubris Apparel and Consign Couture, we tallied and loaded all of the pet food donations for delivery. Thanks to everyone who donated and helped us spread the word, we gathered a massive 936 POUNDS of dog and cat food to help shelter pets, and the transport wagon was riding low under the weight of all of those generous donations!

I also have a few shout-outs to give to the awesome folks who helped rally the troops on my end... so keep reading!

Let's Get Quizzical

Thanks are definitely due to the lovely Molly at Quizzical Empire, who gave the pet food drive a boost by rewarding donors with bonus points at not one, but TWO of her events in December! I've become something of a regular at Quizissippi, her weekly quiz at Mississippi Pizza Pub, and I dare say she runs the best damned pub quiz in PDX. If you need something to do on a Wednesday evening, come by, do battle with smart people, and possibly win cash! (psst, she also books for private events!)
Quizzical Empire - the finest Portland trivia and events for smart people

Wreckers For Life

I'm not shy about the fact that I play roller derby with Rose City Rollers, but their recreational league, a.k.a. Wreckers, holds a particularly special place in my heart, and it's where I got my start as a skater. Wreckers are easily some of the most passionate people in the league, and the ladies of Wreckers sent me home with a pile of amazingly generous donations for the pet food drive! If you're curious about trying derby, learn more about Wreckers and come skate with us. OR, if you'd rather watch the action, the RCR Home Team Season opens on January 21st!

Social Networking Tip!

One of the most frequent goofs I see on Twitter? Starting a Tweet with an @. For instance, maybe @AwesomeUser wants to say, "Sarah Giffrow gave me the best cookie ever!" but they want to use my Twitter handle to point other people my way. So, the obvious thing to do is to Tweet, "@SarahGiffrow gave me the best cookie ever!" right?

Not so, my dears. Twitter interprets 
" @SarahGiffrow gave me the best cookie ever!" as a reply directed towards me, so the only people who will see it in their feed are those who are following  @SarahGiffrow AND @AwesomeUser. So, friends of @AwesomeUser who don't already know and follow me won't see that Tweet about the delicious cookie I gave him. Sad day!

What should you do instead? The easy answer is to add a dot at the beginning, like so: ".
@SarahGiffrow gave me the best cookie ever!" If you could use a few more tips for using and understanding Twitter, take a gander at my blog for a quick guide to Twitter shorthand.
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