BINGN Newsletter - June

Newsletter June 2013

Dear friends,

In two months the BINGN summer seminar will take place on Aukrust farm in Norway. Take a look at the program and sign up on our homepage. We are looking forward to meeting you in Lom!
In our last newsletter we informed you about our new cooperation with the “Biodynamic Ambassadors Project” which will contribute to our newsletter every second month. This month we present “Future farmers in the Spotlight”. An amazing project sharing stories about the next generation of farmers! Every second month “Future farmers in the Spotlight” will highlight one future farmer portrait in the BINGN newsletter. We are looking forward to getting inspired!

Many greetings from the BINGN team!

BINGN summer seminar on Aukrust farm in Lom, Norway

Learn about biodynamic herb growing, take a hike in the terrific landscape of Jotunheimen, meet other inspired future farmers or those who will soon become one, and learn more about BINGN’s education Initiative. A practical, farm based education for biodynamic agriculture in the Nordic countries which will start in winter 2013/2014. Take now a look at the program and sign up!

Biodynamic Farm in Iceland is looking for a co-worker/apprentice

Would you like to work on a farm in Iceland? The biodynamic farm Skaftholt is looking for a co-worker or apprentice for one year or longer. On Skaftholt you will work together with people with different disabilities. The main work will be with milk production. For more information check Skaftholts homepage.

New International Course in Biodynamic Farm Management on the Warmonderhof College, Netherlands

Are you currently working on an organic/biodynamic farm or market garden? Perhaps you have done a level 3 course in the past? Do you feel you could improve on your skills and knowledge before taking on a more responsible position?
Warmonderhof College is now offering a part-time level 4 course in biodynamic farm management for people who are currently in work. You may be employed, self-employed or working as a volunteer, and if you know that you would benefit from higher-level skills such as business management, human resource management, improving your technical skills regarding crops, livestock and machinery, improving your organisational skills, as well as diving deeper into the biodynamic aspects of the farm – this could be just the course for you.
For more information visit the homepage or contact the course leader Arjen Huese

Future farmers in the Spotlight – Success stories from and for the next generation of farmers

Future Farmers in the Spotlight is a film project about successful young farmers that - despite many difficulties - have managed to set-up or take over a sustainable farming business. Most of the farmers within the project have adopted innovative concepts to market their produce, explore niche markets, diversify economic activities, start “new” relations with consumers and make use of innovative ways to get access to land and capital (e.g. Community Supported Agriculture, Crowdfunding, etc). The short films give insight into the diversity of farming concepts developed by young people in Europe and inspire the next generation of farmers with examples of how to set up a sustainable and viable farming business that is fit for the future.

Every two months the BINGN newsletter will highlight one of the films produced within the initiative.

This month: Ask Rasmussen (27) from Denmark.

Ask Rasmussen (27) is slowly taking over Kiselgården from his parents. Kiselgården is one of the oldest biodynamic farms in Denmark. With his farm Ask delivers to about 25 Michelin star restaurants, including Noma, currently the second best restaurant worldwide. Next to the restaurant business, Ask also runs a vegetable box scheme where he directly supplies vegetables to the consumer.

Ask: “The restaurants are particularly interested in special size vegetables, which I cannot sell through the boxscheme. By combing these two markets I can reduce the amount of waste on the farm, and sell almost everything I produce. To the restaurants I deliver for example baby cabbage leaves, mini leaks, small celery, but also edible flowers, herbs and even some leaves of weeds”. Watch the video about Ask Rasmussen here

More information about Future farmers in the Spotlight can be found through their website by clicking here or through Facebook and twitter.

BINGN Calendar

23rd until the 31st  July
'Humans relationship to the earth', Denmark

7thJuly - 9th August
Summer of Soil in Järna, Sweden

29th July - 2nd August
BD course during Summer of Soil

23th - 25th August
BINGN summer seminar at Aukrust farm in Lom,  Norway

15th - 17th November
Nordic Biodynamic Forum, Sweden

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 “Humans relationship to the earth”
A course in Denmark 23th until 31th of July

Under this title the Farm community Skjoldhøj in Denmark, invites people to learn more about the relationship between us and the soil we are working with. By reading lectures of Rudolf Steiner and working practically on the farm here is your opportunity to get a relationship to the soil. For more information click here.

You are invited to:
Summer of Soil

Summer of Soil is a 5-week, multi-disciplinary accelerator program designed to awaken and inspire a collaborative movement to rebuild and maintain living soils.

The program will include a series of hands-on soil-related Courses, an Exhibition of regenerative growing practices and the 5-day Living Soil Forum for bringing conversation to action.
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