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Our thinking is assembled from the raw materials of our world.

–Annie Murphy Paul
Annie Murphy Paul
Acclaimed science writer Annie Murphy Paul discusses her book The Extended Mind, how the process of thinking can take place both inside and outside the brain, and the connections between extended thinking and embodied storytelling.
Felix & Paul
Felix & Paul Studios cofounders Félix Lajeunesse and Paul Raphaël discuss their journey to becoming experts in virtual reality cinema, how the role of storytelling in VR has evolved, and their groundbreaking VR series Space Explorers—the largest production ever filmed in outer space.
Is the Microsoft-Activision Deal a $69 Billion Bet on the Metaverse?
// CMSWire

If regulators allow Microsoft to move forward with its $69 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard, it will be the biggest tech deal in history. Many headlines have touted the deal as a bet on the metaverse, and while that may be partially true, this article leverages a number of industry experts to make the case that there‘s probably much more at play here than can be encapsulated in the latest tech buzzword.
Disney Patents AR Without Headsets for Theme Parks
// SiliconValley

In late December, Disney was granted a patent for what the company is calling a “virtual world simulator.” According to the patent filing, the technology uses high-speed projectors and location tracking to enable multiple users to experience a 3D virtual world from multiple vantage points without any glasses, goggles, or digital devices. 
Online Streamers are Making Millions for Charity
// VentureBeat

Charity streams on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook have long been a staple of the medium, but five years ago, these events would rarely raise more than a few thousand dollars. Today, major streamers can—and do—make millions on behalf of charities. It’s clear from speaking with some of them that they’re just getting stared.
Tom Cruise Film Producers Unveil Plans to Launch Movie Studio in Outer Space // The Verge
Tom Cruise is known for outlandish movie stunts, such as dangling out of a plane mid-flight while filming Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. For the past year or so, rumors have been swirling that his next flick would raise the bar by filming on location in outer space, and now, the details are beginning to emerge about how that’s going to happen. Earlier this month, production company Space Entertainment Enterprises announced that it’s working with NASA parter Axiom Space to build and launch a film studio module that will attach to the ISS. The company plans to launch the module by 2024, and will make the studio available to other film, TV, and streaming projects after completing the Tom Cruise film.
In December of 2019, FoST proudly presented the NYC premiere of Tupac Martir’s award-winning mixed reality performance piece, Cosmos Within Us. This February, the British Film Institute will present the premiere of Tupac’s next piece, Unique. Building on the success of Cosmos Within Us, Unique combines live music, dance, AR, VR, and projection to tell a story of self-reflection and identity, conducted and directed live by Tupac himself. If you’re in or around London, we highly recommend checking it out (find tickets and more info here). If you’re not, the performance will be livestreamed for free via the BFI website.

Below, find a list of some of the virtual storytelling experiences we’ve enjoyed in the past month, plus one socially distanced in-person experience. Shoot us an email if you come across any that should be included next month!

Experience State-of-the-Art Audio Storytelling
Audio drama, first popularized by radio stations in the early 1920s, is hardly a new form—but at Brooklyn’s Museum of Future Experiences, you can experience it in a whole new way. Thanks to a high-tech speaker array, MoFE’s audio dramas create 3D sonic worlds surrounding the listener, conjuring hyperrealistic environments that will electrify your imagination.

Bring Your Drawings to Life with AI
As a child, you may have fantasized about your drawings coming to life—and now it’s possible, thanks to Meta’s new AI demo. Simply upload a drawing of a character and let the AI go to work—within seconds, you’ll have animations of your character running, jumping, dancing, boxing, and more.

Journey to the Bottom of the Ocean in Brooklyn
If you’re a fan of deep sea exploration, self examination, or surrealist art, don’t miss Bottom of the Ocean, an immersive theatrical production running in Bushwick. This much-hyped, feature-length, large-scale experience takes five visitors at a time on a powerfully intimate journey that plumbs the depths not only of the sea, but also of the mind and soul. Tickets are currently sold out, but the next round will go on sale on Monday, January 31st at 7pm EST.

Experience the Vastness of Space in Houston
From award-winning immersive entertainment studio Felix & Paul, THE INFINITE is a multisensory and interactive installation that simulates the experience of voyaging to outer space using VR footage captured on the ISS. Check out our recent podcast with Felix & Paul to learn more about how they captured the footage, and make sure to book your tickets soon—this limited engagement blasts off to its next city on February 21st!

Go on Safari in Atlanta
Intrigued by the sound of the headset-free virtual worlds mentioned in the Disney article above? If you’re in Atlanta, you can experience a similar spectacle at Illuminarium. This high-tech venue uses 4K laser projection, 3D audio, vibration, and scent to simulate the experience of the African savannah without the hefty price of a plane ticket.
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