The introduction week was a huge success! We want to thank you all for coming and we hope to see you all again at our awesome activities throughout the year. All the photo's will soon be uploaded, so keep an eye on the Facebook page


ISN Presents: Pubquiz
Date: 05-09-2016
Time: 20.00
Price: €2,50
Location: Cafe de II Prinsen, Prinsenstraat 27

Do you like the Netherlands? Do you like quizzes? Do you like pubs? Good, so do we! We combined the three of them into our awesome Pubquiz! On the 5th of September, in the first week of classes, we will meet in famous Café de II Prinsen, to host this sensational quiz! There will be a great prize for the winning team, so make sure you don't miss out on the fun!

International Coffee Hour
Date: 06-09-2016
Time: 14.00-15.00
Price: Free
Location: De Brug, Nieuwe Achtergracht 166

Get together with other internationals students! The International Coffee Hour is a social gathering for all the international UvA students. At this coffee hour you’ll find people from all over the world, as well as Dutch students going on a global exchange next semester! Do you want to learn some more about the Dutch culture or answer questions from these excited Dutch students about your own country? Come to the International Coffee Hour, a great way to get to know each other and to learn about each others cultures! Best part of it: It’s FREE! Free coffee, free tea and free stroopwafels!

Dutch Culture Night

Date: 08-09-2016
Time: 20.00
Price: Free
Location: to be announced

ISN Amsterdam is organizing a FREE 'Discover the Dutch' culture night with Sander Schroevers.
During this cultural evening Sander Schroevers highlights aspects of Dutchcross-cultural patterns, allowing you a better understanding of people’s behaviour. An upbeat lecture to learn, but also to laugh! During the break there is a Dutch tasting table, with typical Dutch food, free beer and free wine!


Daytrip to Volendam & Zaanse Schans
Date: 10-09-2016
Time: the whole day
Price: 17,50
Location: bus stop will be announced

Get ready for our first daytrip this semester. We will visit the lovely fishermen's village of Volendam and you get the chance to see the famous windmills at the Zaanse Schans. Eat some typical Dutch food and get your picture taken in traditional Dutch clothes! 

Exchange Party Amsterdam
Date: 09 -09 -2016
Price: € 9
                                Location: Club Panama, Oostelijke Handelskade 4

The first party of this semester is already planned! Meet up with your fellow international and exchange friends and party the night away in Panama. There is no better way to kick off the semester. You can find more details in the Facebook Event

ISN Presents: Oktoberfest!
Date: 23-26 September 2016
Time: departure at 18.15 the 23rd
Price: €159
Location: Bus leaves from Victoria Hotel Amsterdam

For a third year in a row ISN Amsterdam and Yes-Trips are teaming up to provide you with a unique and EPIC experience! After the success of last year we are heading back to the biggest beer festival in the world: Oktoberfest! The Germans are well known for drinking beer, but once, every year, they go crazy for 3 weeks. During this national party more than 6 million people head to Munich to enjoy Bavarian culture to the fullest and you can be one of them! The following things are included: Transportation to Munich and back, Breakfast both days, Accommodation at our campsite: tents, sleeping bags and air matrasses will be provided, just bring a pillow! A survival guide in order to make sure you know all the traditional stuff and a great team of guides that will make sure you have a great time (and make it home safe).


The New ISN Semester
Yay! A little late, but here’s the first ISN news letter of the new semester!
The new ISN semester started right away after the successful introduction week and we already had the first  two activities and international night at Coco’s! The bike tour and pancake boat last Tuesday were a lot of fun and the international ‘borrel’ at Coco’s was so popular that were some long lines outside! Come on time next week if you want to be sure you’ll get in! We also had a great sporty afternoon last Friday during ISN presents: Windsurfing! We’ve already seen each other a lot the last week (and you’ll definitely see us a lot more the next semester) but we’ll introduce ourselves just one more time, so you’ll always know who to contact! Never hesitate to ask us your questions about Amsterdam, ISN or anything else and don’t forget to like our Facebook page! :) 
The board of ISN Amsterdam 2016/2017 will be as follows:
President: Floortje van der Grinten
Treasurer: Hugo Zwetsloot
Secretary: Nina van Stekelenburg
Integration Coordinator: Kim Brands
Activities Coordinator: Krijna Opschoor
PR & Funding Coordinator: Hidde van der Heuvel
Introduction Coordinator: Priya Panday
Introduction Coordinator: Tiemen de Graaff


Summer's coming to an end.
You’ve been here for a weeks now and you’ve probably experienced both sides of the Dutch weather; the typical rainy grey sky and the (few) warm summer days.  Autumn will start very soon and the weather will only get worse and worse… But good news!  This week we’ll have some late summer days and from Tuesday on it will be 25 degrees for almost a week! Having some drinks on a nice terrace will probably be the best way to enjoy these last sunny days in the city, so check out this list with the best summer hotspots of Amsterdam and enjoy!

Meet new friends and learn new skills at the same time! CREA is the cultural student centre of UvA and HvA and they offer a variety of courses in English for all non-Dutch speaking international students. Besides from taking courses you can also attend other non-Dutch events like debates & lectures, open mic evenings, movie screenings, theatre, comedy or you can relax and enjoy a drink at the CREA café. Check out for the program, course schedule and more information about CREA. You can enroll for a course online or at the course desk in the CREA building.


Sushi with 15 % discount!

Please make sure to reservate

Monday till Sunday 0,50 discount on every shot!

Great place for drinking!


Meet the first Student of the Week of this year!

 Elizabeth’s outstanding enthousiasm at the first Coco’s drink of this year made her the new ISN student of the week!
Hi, I'm Elizabeth Taylor and I'm originally from Colorado in the US. I go to school in Los Angeles, California and will be studying at the UvA College of Social Sciences for the semester. I picked Amsterdam for my exchange because my studies thus far have been restricted to a US-centric perspective and I wanted to have the opportunity to broaden my horizons and learn about other cultures. I have already met so many incredible people from all different backgrounds and I cannot wait to see what the next few months have to offer!


CREA Room 1.15
Nieuwe achtergracht 170

Telephone number
+31 20 525 37 21


Get in touch!

Office hours
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
13:00 - 17:00

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