We had a blast at the Boat Party aka Formal Ball this Friday adn the trip to the Hague and Madurodam the next day was the perfect way to cure the hangover! We hope you guys enjoyed the activities as much as we did! Check out our Facebook or Instagram for all the pictures.



2nd Buddy Activity: Pizza & Pasta dinner!
Date: 20-10-2016
Time: 18.00-21.00
Price: €6,00
Location: Rimini, Langeleidsedwarsstraat 75

Are you in the middle of exam stress and don’t have much time but you would still like to meet your buddies but also meet other Dutch and international buddies? The join us for the Pizza & Pasta dinner @ Pizzeria Rimini! 

The price will be student friendly; for 6 EUROS you will get a pizza/pasta of your choice and one drink. You can choose one of the following options:

Pizza: Margerita, Napolitana, Funghi, Capriciosa, Hawaii, Salami, Pepperoni, Rucola, Pesto

Pasta: Bolognese, Pesto, Funghi, Primavera

Drink: Beer (0,25l) or a soft drink

You can buy your ticket at the ISN office during the office hours at Nieuwe Achtergracht 170, room 1.15 (Mo, Wed, Fri 13 until 17). When you buy the ticket, you will also be asked to give your preference of the menu mentioned above. Please note: Limited amount of spaces available so be quick! 

(Please note: to participate in this activity, you have to participate in the Buddy Program.)

ISN presents: City trip to Paris! 
Date: 22-24 October 2016
Time: departure at 02.45 the 22nd
Price: €99,-
Location: Departure from the Simon Carmiggeltstraat 6

Have you ever wanted to walk down the Champs Elysee while eating a baguette? Or would you prefer to wander through the incredible halls of the Louvre, or maybe have the ultimate romance under the Eiffeltower? This is your chance with this 2-day trip to Paris. On Saturday the 22nd of October we will leave Amsterdam behind and have a weekend you will always remember.

Tickets cost only €99 
NOTE: There are only 56 tickets available for the moment. It is essential that you get your ticket as soon as you can to ensure participation in this epic cultural event. 

*Get your tickets at the ISN Amsterdam Office room 1.15 CREA, Nieuwe Achtergracht 170. 
Or buy your tickets online

Halloween Party- Exchange Party
Date: 28-10-2016
Time: 23.00 - 05.00
Price: €9
Location: Panama, Oostelijke Handelskade 4


Our favorite party of the year is coming up. 

It's the end of October so we're having a massive Halloween Party! 

This party is likely to sell out so be advised and get your ticket in time. 
→ Online presale is open now at
→ Presale at the ISN/ESN office starts Monday October 17.

* ISN/ESN card is not required for this event so feel free to invite your friends :)


→ Phase 1: €7 (sold out)
→ Phase 2: €9
→ Phase 3: €11


Amsterdam, choose for Green Energy

 'Amsterdam, kies voor Groene Energie' is an initiative of Amsterdam citizens who would like to speed up the green transition in Amsterdam. Since the end of May, an enthusiastic team of 8 Amsterdammers, with support from Greenpeace, have waged a campaign to make the municipality of Amsterdam step over to a real green energy contract to limit the effects of climate change. They collected more then 2400 signatures for their petition (you'll find a link bellow).

On Saturday November 19th they organize the bicycle parade ‘For the wind’ from the provincial house in Haarlem to the Museumplein in Amsterdam. They'll protest against wind-energy policies from the province of Noord-Holland, which have stood in the way of the growth of wind energy for years. Together with as many people as possible from Amsterdam and Noord-Holland they'll try to make themselves heard... and seen.

It would be great if you exchange students would join their event, or at least sign their petition! Together we can make a difference!

A survey for international students

Bijcollege is a company that leads different projects about students’ choice of courses and their study success. Currently they’re trying to find out how international students will feel about a tool that helps them to gain insight in their courses of interest in the Netherlands.
Why are they conducting this research? In 2014 the Dutch government introduced an obligatory 'studycheck' for students with a Dutch (admissable) diploma. Now the same government is thinking about providing international students who are considering studying in the Netherlands, the same sort of service. The current considerations of the Dutch government have led to this research. Bijcollege would like to establish how students feel about such a tool, and what elements or topics it should have to include? They have conducted in-depth interviews amongst first-years’ students. At this point of their research, they would like to examine if their thoughts are shared by a larger student population. Therefore Bijcollege would like to ask if you guys could fill out this survey. It only takes a few minutes!

The Dutch ABC
It's time for the third part!

Koningsdag!  Surely everybody has heard of our most famous holiday: King's Day! Until a couple of years ago it used to be Koninginnedag (Queen's Day) but since we have our new King, the national holiday's date has changed to his birthday date: the 27th of April. This day the whole country turns orange, and everywhere you look you'll see flea markets, parties and other festive activities!

Lekker! If you’ve lived, toured, visited, or really spent any amount of time in the lowlands and you haven’t heard this word…well, then I’d suggest you get your ears checked – and quick! Lekker in its original form refers to food and can be roughly translated as tasty or yummy. The Germans and Belgians still use lekker in this form, however, over time Dutch people have taken incredible liberties with the word and now essentially use it to describe, well, just about everything!  A cookie can of course be lekker, but so can a feeling, an experience, a place and even a person! 

Madurodam. This is a miniature park and tourist attraction in The Hague. It is home to a range of 1:25 scale model replicas of famous Dutch landmarks, historical cities and large developments. The park was opened in 1952 and has since been visited by tens of millions of visitors. Last weekend ISN Amsterdam visited Madurodam with a big group of students!

Netherlands. A lot of foreigners don't know the difference between Holland and the Netherlands, they think it's exactly the same but sometimes some people even think these are two completely different countries! So to make everything clear: The Netherlands is the name of our country, Holland is actually only a region on the west coast of Netherlands. 2 of Netherlands' 12 provinces are North Holland and South Holland - and together they constitute Holland. The biggest cities in the Netherlands - Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague - are in Holland. So it isn't that weird that people confuse these two names, but from now on you know you should always refer to the Netherlands!

Oranje! Orange is our favorite colour, during soccer matches, King's day and other national activities the whole country turns orange. But do you know why? The answer is simple:
Orange is the color of the Dutch Royal Family, which hails from the House of Orange!


Escape World - 25% discount on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays

Deals on drinks on Wednesday nights!

Great place for eating and drinking!


Meet the Student of the Week !

Hello everybody, my name is Martin Silber and I am from Austria, or in Dutch “Ik ben uit Oostenrijk”. I am studying in the capital city of Austria, in lovely Vienna at the FH WKW. My study program on my home university is management and entrepreurship.
Why I have chosen Amsterdam? This city is the perfect basement for me, all the people speak really good English, the culture is colourful and very open-minded. I like in general the edit out very often of the Dutch people. In this country there is no boundary between religion or sexuality. I can’t believe that live since almost 2 months in the Netherlands, I am not even a little bit homesick or something else. Here in the Netherlands I can explore so many place, it´s great, especially the ISN Trips are always fun and I meet on every single journey really nice people from all over the world.
This is also one of my two main raisons why I decided to go abroad. The first reason is/was to speak fluty English without any doubt “is this the right wrong”. Haha in the first 2 weeks, it happened so often that I just stayed in form of the people and described something with my hand and feet and they looked at me like I would be crazy because they had no idea what I was trying to say. The second reason is the international contact, I am so glad to can say I have friends from America, Asia or Australia, I am originally from a small village where everybody knows everybody, but they don’t know the world and to know guys form so many different cultures, languages and many other thinks is for me much better as to know just one Austrian village.
The beginning of the exchange semester was not that easy, but if it would be easy it would be to boring. I had the typical problems in the beginning Like, they have stolen my bike after 5 days, the uni system was really confusing and mobile transport is very different and complicated for me. Now after a few weeks and with the support of great people I really enjoy Amsterdam, I love it to go to the centre and just discover new corners of this famous city with my bike. It’s also so easy to travel, by train or plain it doesn’t matter, you have so many choices where I want to go. And still there are a lot of city witch I want to explore.
I hope you have also a great time here guys, I will see you probably on a party or on a trip to somewhere. =)
Greetings from Fraijlemaborg
Martin Silber


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