Happy Halloween y'all! We hope you guys enjoyed the Halloween Party last Friday as much as we did!! Check out these Facebook pages for all the pictures! 



ISN Presents: Trampoline Jumping!
Date: 01-11-2016
Time: 18.45 - 20.15
Price: €6,00
Location: Bounz Amsterdam, Willinklaan 5

Exams are almost over and it is time to relax! Join us in the most bouncy place of Amsterdam and come to our trampoline jumping event where you can get rid of all the stress you have built up over the last couple of days... We will be jumping, showing off our flips, playing dodgeball and having a lot of fun! Something you can't miss!

Tickets are only 6 euros and you will get night full of fun and snacks to go with it! So buy your tickets at the ISN Office on Monday, Wednesday or Friday between 1 and 5. The ISN Office is in room 1.15 at CREA, Nieuwe Achtergracht 170.
Or buy your tickets online at

See you there!

International Student Night: Frat Party!
Date: 02-11-2016
Time: 23.00-03.00
Price: Free
Location: Coco's Outback

Coco's Outback welcomes you to it's fraternity party!

Bring out your Kappa, Sigma, Alpha or Delta shirts and get ready for a game of Flipcup or Beerpong! 

With the elections coming up, it is time to chose your candidate!
The best Hillary or Trump look a like wins a voucher to spend at Coco's Outback! So bring your wigs, your ugly trump face and your A-game, cause it's going to be ar frat party to remember!

We bring out the red cups! See you in the Outback!

ISN Presents: Night at the Museum!
Date: 05-11-2016
Time: at night
Price: ?
Location: More than 50 museums in Amsterdam 


Once a year the Museum night of Amsterdam takes place and more than 50 museums open their doors from 19.00 pm till 02.00 am! You'll find a lot of performances, music and other events throughout the city and most of the museums will open their exhibitions at night as well. Best of all: ISN Amsterdam has arranged some (cheaper) tickets for this event so we can visit the museums together! Limited spots available, check out our Facebook for more information!


Museumnacht Amsterdam

As mentioned above, next weekend the Museumnacht will take place; one of the cultural highlights of the year. Each year in November, when the Amsterdam nights become colder and colder, one Saturday night all museums in town as well as some other cultural institutions turn into one big festivity scene. It all starts at 7 p.m. and ends at 2 p.m. There is a lot of entertainment at all the participating institutions – music, dancing, singing, and eating. Each museum tries to invent new attractions. When the Museum Night ends  afterparties follow at clubs and hotels as Club 11, Bitterzoet, Hotel Arena, Melkweg, Odeon, W139, Sugar Factory.

Of course you should join our activity during this night, but if you're too late and all our tickets are sold out you should definitely visit this event by yourself! It's a lot of fun!!

The Benelux Masters Tour is coming to your city!

After 20 years of existence and with over 2000 success stories from students all around the world, we know that the road to a good university and business school is not an easy one. In order to give people the necessary information and tools to get admitted into the schools of their choice, MBA Center, the Number 1 test prep company in Benelux (GMAT,IELTS, TOEFL, GRE) has created “The Benelux Master Tour.” 

The Benelux Master’s tour will give you the opportunity to talk to admissions and test prep experts as well as to school representative. 10+ countries will be represented; schools like IE Business School, MIT Sloan, Maastricht School of Management, Grenoble Management School and including many others will attend the tour. 

JOIN US AT ROCKSTART (Herengracht 182, 1016 BR Amsterdam) on the 8th of November 2016 from; 

18h-18h30: Step by step to business school admissions
18h30-20h30: Fair

Register now for free!

Also take advantage of their GMAT classes in Amsterdam.
For students: Free
For graduates/professionals:  One month Free classes+half the price (promotion)
100 spots available!

The Dutch ABC
It's time for the fourth part!

offertjes! When you're living in the Netherlands, you should have tried these funny little pancakes at least once; they're delicious! Cover them with loooaaads of butter and sugar and there you go: your typical Dutch poffertjes are ready! Eet smakelijk!

Queensday. As mentioned at the K in our Dutch ABC, King's day used to be Queen's day until a couple of years ago. But still, every year on the 29th of April (Koninginnedag), you'll find some lost tourists all dressed up in orange in the city center, looking for the party... 

Rembrandt. Surely everybody has heard of the painter Rembrandt van Rijn. 
He is generally considered one of the greatest painters of European art and he's one of the most important painters in Dutch history. He lived in the Dutch Golden Age and nowadays his paintings are still famous and found in museums all over the European contintent!

Sinterklaas! On the 5th of December all the Dutchies celebrate pakjesavond, the evening that Sinterklaas and his helper Zwarte Piet bring us our presents we've wished for all year long. Somewhere in November Sinterklaas arrives by boat all the way from Spain, and from then on children can place their shoes next to the chimney at night, to wake up to some sweets, chocolate or little presents in their shoe the next morning! Did you know Coca Cola's Santa Claus was originally inspired by our Sinterklaas? :)



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