Last weekend ISN Amsterdam organized the first trip abroad of this semester: to the Oktoberfest in Munich! Friday night 130 students left for Munich by bus for two crazy days filled with beer and lederhosen! We'll upload the photos as soon as possible!



Urban Street Golf!
Date: 04 October 2016


Do you love to play sports and do you love Amsterdam? Then will be the perfect activity for you! Together we will play golf in the most unbelievable settings. No green grass field can compete with this urban experience! Check the Facebook event page for more information about the location, price and time!

Discover Holland Weekend
Date: 7/8/9 October 2016

Loving the Netherlands so far? Wait until you join us on this weekend trip to Groningen and Schiermonnikoog! Groningen is one of the big student cities of the Netherlands and a city you absolutely should not miss while you're studying in Amsterdam! Together we will explore the city and the amazing student nightlife of course. We also have beautiful nature and we want to make sure you won't miss that either! Going to the beautiful island of Schiermonnikoog will include nature, bonding and one big party! Keep an eye on our facebook to see when ticket sale starts (it will be very sooon)!

Formal Ball

Date: 14 October 2016

Party, party, party! On October 14th we will throw a party like no other! This casual chic event will be exclusively for ISN Amsterdam members! Just because you are you and you should feel glamorous at least once during your exchange! Check the Facebook event page for more information and start stressing out about what to wear to this fancy night out! 

Have you ever wanted to walk down the Champs Elysee while eating a baguette? Or would you prefer to wander through the incredible halls of the Louvre, or maybe have the ultimate romance under the Eiffeltower? This is your chance with this 2-day trip to Paris. On Saturday the 21st of October we will leave Amsterdam behind and have a weekend you will always remember.

On Saturday you have the option of spending one full day in the magical park of Disneyland. You can choose either Disneyland Park or Walt Disney Studios for the full day. This part is completely optional but highly recommendable if you want to relive those childhood days while enjoying rollercoasters.
For the ones who rather see more of Paris we will take you to the castle of Versailles while the others explore Disney.

Tickets cost only €99 and for an extra €35 you can spend a full day in Disney
NOTE: There are only 56 tickets available for the moment. It is essential that you get your ticket as soon as you can to ensure participation in this epic cultural event. 

*Get your tickets at the ISN Amsterdam Office room 1.15 CREA, Nieuwe Achtergracht 170. 
Or buy your tickets online

The details are as follows:

Departure from the Simon Carmiggeltstraat 6: Saturday, 22nd of October at 02:45
Departure from Paris: Sunday, 23rd of October at 20:00


Amsterdam Dance Event

Only a few weeks left until the biggest dance festival of Amsterdam starts! ADE means a whole week of dance, techno, deep-house and other electronic music all over Amsterdam. The ADE Festival features 300 events and 2,000 DJ's over five days in 80 clubs and venues, which together combine to make Amsterdam one of the busiest and most inspiring clubbing cities in the world. The program features the biggest artists on the planet alongside fresh, upcoming talent and everything in between. Every year the ADE Festival attracts 300,000 festival visitors from around the globe and is truly the biggest international club festival covering the whole spectrum of electronic sub-genres. Every exchange student in Amsterdam should at least go to one night of ADE parties, so check out the program here ;)

Het Weekend van de Wetenschap
This weekend, the 1st and 2nd of October, it will be the national 'Weekend van de Wetenschap', translated as the Weekend of Science. This means you'll have the unique opportunity to take a look backstage at a lot of companies, institutions, universities and museums.  The NEMO museum, that funny-shaped building close to central station, will have free entrance all weekend long for example!


The Dutch ABC

From now on we'll teach you something about Dutch culture every week, using the ancient ABC! This week the second part from F till J!


FEBO. Got a sudden craving for a crispy snack? Find a FEBO and make sure yu have some coins on you. The FEBO is a fast food chain where you can buy your snacks from a wall-mounted vending machine only. Everybody has seen these at least once, and every exchange student should try this unique experience!

Gezellig! The Dutch word 'gezellig' can't be translated to English and is used in various ways. It means something like cosy, friendly or nice, but can also refer to time spent with loved ones or being very sociable. Drinking coffee with a friend can be gezellig, a room can be decorated gezellig or a person can be really nice and gezellig!

Hagelslag. We Dutchies eat a lot of bread; for breakfast, for lunch and sometimes even for dinner. 'Hagelslag' are the typical Dutch chocolate sprinkles we like to eat on our 'boterhammen' with a thick layer of butter. 

Iceskating is popular activity in the Dutch winters. Once the ice is strong enough, everybody will get their skates out and take to the ice. If the weather isn't cold enough, artificial skating rinks will be created where you can also get a nice cup of hot chocolate milk or pea soup afterwards. Gezellig!

Jenever. This Dutch gin is a strong liquor made in the Netherlands and Belgium. There are two types of jenever: Oude Jenever (the old one) and Jonge Jenever (the young one). The difference is not in age as you might think, but in the distilling techniques!




 When you study in the Netherlands, Lebara  Mobile is one of the best and cheapest telecom provider for you as a Erasmus student. It’s prepaid, so you have total freedom. No contract needed, no credit check, no registration, no obligations. So you can easily stay in touch with your new international friends and your family and friends at home! Best of all, you can pick up a free SIM card at our office!

Eurosender is one of the leading European booking engines for ordering door-to-door shipping services for various items. By aggregating demand of their customers, they gain bargaining power with couriers, allowing them to negotiate affordable shipping prices that are up to 70% cheaper than standard fares offered by couriers directly!

All the exchange students in Netherlands will be entitled to receive 5% discount by entering promotional code "ESNTheNetherlands" when booking your shipping service.


Meet the Student of the Week!

Our student of the week this time is Gaia Schwaz Temin! This Brazilian girl who is also a member of the PR & Funding committee definitely set the party mood during the Octoberfest last weekend and showed us all that there isn't a challenge she won't take (what happens at Oktoberfest, stays at Oktoberfest but we have one word for you: pretzel ;)) Gaia, thanks for your enthusiasm and see you around!


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