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2014 World Cup:
Who Won and Who Lost?

Now that World Cup fever is breaking, we should take a step back and see who are the winners and losers. By winners and losers we are not referring to Germany, Argentina or any of the 32 participating teams. Brands rallied around the biggest event in the world, achieving incredible engagement around social media, record-breaking viewership and memorable brand experiences. But as our media channels evolve, expanding way outside the soccer pitch and TV, so do the lenses we use to measure success and the metrics that matter to us. Just like the wise old saying: “one man’s metric is another one’s trash.”
Jaime Alfaro, Group Account Director

Social Engagement  

Winners – FIFA Sponsoring Brands
Losers – Non-Sponsoring Brands

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Social Media 

Winners – Facebook & Twitter 

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Sponsoring vs. 
A Different Perspective

Winning Brands – Adidas and Beats by Dre
Losing – Nike and Sony
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Media Records Broken 

Winners & Losers – ABC/ESPN & Univision

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