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Giving BOGO a new meaning.

Coining an acronym is no easy task, much less completely shifting the meaning of one. Let’s take a look at how the concept of BOGO is rapidly shifting and what we used to think and excitedly expect, as “Buy one get one (free)” is now becoming a much more meaningful concept. 
Today when consumers seem to be spending less frivolously and are becoming savvier, more frugal shoppers, it comes as no surprise that they are taking a similar savvy approach to giving back. As a result, a new meaning is being given to BOGO or B1G1: Buy One and Give One. 
One of the pioneers of this shopping-with-a-purpose concept was TOMS shoes, but take a look at how others have evolved this model.
Gabriela González, Strategic Planner

Eyewear with 
a purpose. 

Do Good is a company that offers a meticulously crafted collection of prescription eyewear at a reasonable price. Not only that, they’ve partnered with VisionSpring and for every pair sold, they are giving one away. Check out their business model and all the good they are doing.
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BOGO Bowl feeds 
your pet and others 
down the street

This company produces dog food using only natural ingredients and no fillers or artificial flavors. It is based online—with shipping included—but the best part is that for every bag you buy, they give one to shelters and rescues.
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Good Belly Program. 

Restaurants in the Boston area joined in a social-media powered project to aid UNICEF's efforts to help lessen hunger in East Africa.
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with meaning. 

This website is a community resource that connects people with socially responsible companies, making it easier for consumers to feel better about shopping, since they're helping others while doing it. 
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