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Not Thinking Tech Yet?
Pray for Forgiveness 

It’s no secret that technology is now an integral part of our marketing efforts as technology, its benefits and the tools it provides are baked into business, marketing and advertising plans. In today’s world, it would be considered a marketing sin for an idea to be thought out, developed or implemented without the notion of marketing technology.
Nowadays technology touches more than just techies, and it doesn’t limit itself to technological implementation. Technology is critical to the growing role of data within marketing, and it provides business intelligence to make educated planning decisions and track performance…it has become a fundamental pillar in almost everything we do.  And that is why we, as marketers, have become so obsessed with understanding and owning it.
Julia Estacolchic, Group Account Director

Marketers Take 
Over CES

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show has received more marketing and advertising executives from other industries than ever before.

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Marketing Technology 
and Digital Budget 
to Increase

The majority of marketers recognizes the importance of tech and plans to put their dollars where their mouths are. 

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Billions in Deals 
Show How Tech Has 
Consumed Marketing

The marketing technology space has become increasingly crowded and not showing signs of a slowdown. 

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