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Profitable nostalgia. 

Eager to gain the responsibilities and power that come with maturity, the younger generation counts down the time until they reach the next pivotal age. The exact opposite occurs with the older population when they realized they shouldn’t have grown up so quickly. 

If you (and I’m convinced this includes everyone) did not heed your elders’ advice to enjoy your youth, you're in luck. Now, there are many opportunities to tap back into your lost childhood. 

Thank those who are taking a retro approach to modern thought. Companies that are able to remind us of “easier” times can pluck an emotional chord within us that will make reaching for our pocketbooks a positive experience.

Dieste's Strategic Planning Department

Artist adds childhood 
fun to photos. 

A new way to play with toys.

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Vinyl records are back. 

One company produces more than 2 million a year.

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Convert your iPad 
into a typewriter. 

The touch screen becomes more tangible with a typewriter accessory.

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Furby 2.0. 

Upgraded technology brings this childhood favorite into the 21st century.

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