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Goodbye Office,
Hello Telecommute!

A "not-so-new" work model trend has gained popularity in recent years. More companies are joining the movement by allowing their employees to work from home, or in today's jargon: telework, telecommute, virtual work, work remotely, and the list continues...

Part of this increasing phenomenon is the result of the technological revolution that allows us to be connected wherever and whenever. But apart from being a cool trend that makes both parties - employees and companies - (mostly) happy, let's think beyond and explore the effects that this new situation brings on the lifestyles of our consumers. Because if our consumers’ lifestyles change, then we will need to rethink the way we are approaching them.

For example, if our consumers no longer were to drive to work, then morning-drive time radio may no longer be the preferred source to get the morning news, and it may be replaced by the other multiple choices such as TV, social media or “the next new thing;” and what about our consumers’ shopping habits?

As marketers, we need to be constantly on the lookout for behavioral changes and aware of this trend and address them from Brand Strategy all the way to “shelf” – actual or virtual. What works today may not work tomorrow. Let’s be ready for the change and tap into unexpected opportunities based on these new lifestyle/media/shopping patterns. 
Carla Levy, Quantitative Storyteller

Working From Home 
Is Going Mainstream

Forbes magazine ranks “freelancing becomes a normal way of life” as one of the top 10 trends for 2014.

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Working Remotely 
Means Higher 

A recent Gallup report, “The State of the American Workplace,” provides new insights into what the opportunities are in the areas of employee engagement and performance.

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The Advantages and 
Disadvantages of 

A Cornell white paper states that telecommuters are more satisfied with their work/life balance and report lower rates of job burnout. But there are also many well-identified drawbacks, such as a deep feeling of isolation and long hours. 

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