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Hispanics leading the tech race.

A variety of sources including Nielsen, CNN, and the Pew Hispanic Center have confirmed what we knew all along: U.S. Hispanics are in the lead when it comes to tech adoption and usage.
There are three key factors influencing this trend:
1. Demographics - Research shows that younger people have higher tech adoption rates. Hispanics' median age is 15 years younger than the rest of the U.S. (27 vs. 42 for Non-Hispanics).
2. Mobile Dependency - Hispanics rely more on their mobile devices for Internet access, since they are less likely to have this service at home (76% of USH go online using a mobile device vs. 60% of GM). Likewise, they are more likely to live in a cellphone-only household (47% vs. 38% for Black and 30% for White).
3. The Need to Stay Connected – Surveys show that in comparison to other ethnic groups, Hispanics rely more on mobile devices and communication software (VOIP, IM) to stay connected with their family (including extended family) and circle of close friends.
As technology trends continue to lead towards greater mobility, Hispanics will be a vital segment, not only from a tech-adoption and sales standpoint, but also in shaping future technologies through their consumer experiences and tech needs.
Alejandro Martinez, Market Intelligence Strategist

USH more likely to own 
high-tech gadgets. 

Hispanics are early adopters of the latest devices, are more likely to own a mobile phone, and spend more hours on social networks.

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Hispanics top the list 
in mobile and social. 

Hispanics are less likely to have Internet access at home, but outpace all other ethnic groups in mobile downloads of music and photos. They are also more likely to watch videos on their mobile phones. 

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spend 38% more 
on electronics. 

Overall, Hispanics spent $103.19 per transaction compared to $90.82 for Non-Hispanics. English-preferred Hispanics spent $89.03 while Spanish-preferred spent $125.75.

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Foreign-born Hispanics 
leading the way. 

Spikes in technology adoption among foreign-born and Spanish-preferred Hispanics are driving gains in technology adoption and usage. 

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