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Gaming For Good
Gaming has evolved over the years with exciting new platforms, control interfaces, and social networking. This has opened up the possibilities of how we participate and compete, as well as more intimately integrating gaming into our everyday lives.
Three billion hours a week are spent gaming across the planet. This is a great platform for aiding in education, social awareness, personal health, fund raising, environmental protection and much, much more - while making it fun and easy to do.
As Millennials and future generations grow up with gaming as second nature, integrating the simple ability to be involved, active, and aware is key to reaching and guiding the leaders of tomorrow to be and do the best that they can.
Luke Roberts, Sr. Strategic Planner

Greensquare uses check-ins to influence better environmental practices

Players rate establishments based on their environmental practices. The goal of the game is to leverage collective player power to influence the businesses' environmental practices. 
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Superbetter- Games that make us better

Users identify a problem they’re focusing on, like getting over a breakup, sleeping better or reducing stress, and are given a “power pack” of activities to do. Superbetter includes scientific explanations for its tasks but eschews traditional approaches. For example, it forbids you from dieting  and encourages you to sneak up on weight loss by writing down which foods make you feel energized or to exercise a little more.
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Love to play, love the planet

MiniMonos is a kids’ social network that lets them play games in an eco-friendly virtual world. The site is also partnered with Buy1Give1, so for every membership purchased, the company purchases clean water for a child in India.
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London’s transport infrastructure gets the gamification treatment

Billed as “Risk meets Foursquare,” the game encourages users to embark on missions such as ‘get off one stop early’ or to collect items, gain points, and capture stations. They can play on their own or form teams. It’s hoped that the experience of the daily grind across the city will be lightened for users – and that a thirst for points-based games will encourage them to explore new areas and occasionally opt for a brisk walk over taking the tube.
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