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The Stereotype Busters: America’s New Immigrants.

Forget what you think you know about immigrants to the United States. The new wave of immigration includes many highly educated, wealthy, and business savvy adults and their families. They are using their wealth, lawyers, and U.S. based companies to skip long immigration lines in order to apply for business related EB-5 (investor) or H-1B (highly skilled) visas.

The story is the same – real people looking to have a better life somewhere other than their native land. But these immigrants have a different set of dreams, filled with multimillion-dollar luxury homes, high-end fashion, and the latest in electronics and other high-tech gear.

As investors, entrepreneurs, and researchers, they are prospering and creating a boon for regional economies where they are settling. The new guy in the elevator just might be your new boss.

Heidi Lemarr, Account Supervisor


Designer names, high-end retail and flashy cars = typical affluent American families. Or not. These country club aficionados are Mexican nationals, and they are changing the landscape of their new hometowns in ways you won’t expect.

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The American 
(investor) dream. 

Coming to America is not for the faint of heart. Or the light of wallet. But for some who can make the investment, it could mean green (card) dreams will come true.

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The race begins

The first full week of April marks the end of March Madness and the beginning of the H-1B frenzy.

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