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As the world gets smaller,
food goes local.

Between the Internet and global transportation systems, there’s no food item you can’t order from your living room while still in your pajamas. But as the number of available products grows, the trend is to keep it local for sustainability, flavor and a sense of community.

“Keeping it local” takes a myriad of forms and has brought a whole new age of innovation to the way we acquire food and enjoy it. As with any trend, its expressions are limited only by imagination.

Dieste Strategic Thinkers

Going off the griddle. 

What to do if you want to open a restaurant, but don’t have the funds? What if you want more control over your space and your impact on the environment? Ashley and Dan opened up a solar-powered veggie burger cart, complete with bike parking and a tiny square-foot herb and vegetable garden on wheels. They are scheduled to open a larger location in 2013.

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Fixie bakery becomes 
Mexico City fixture.

Say you live in Mexico City, you like vegan baked goods and riding your bike. Why not start your own bakery with bike delivery? That’s what Los Loosers did, and they have never looked back.

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Neighborhood eats 
gets new meaning. 

Urban Edibles, a Portland-based nonprofit, keeps a database of fruit trees and other food plants around the city. If you have a fig tree that is filling the street with fallen fruit, you can register your tree so that passers by know that it’s OK to help themselves. If you want fresh marionberries, search the database and find a neighbor with extra.

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Localvore at the 
most local level. 

What could be more local than your own front yard? Urban gardeners are ripping out their yards, creating container gardens or turning their patios and balconies into food production centers. Whether it’s a windowsill herb garden or rows of beans, tomatoes and corn, most of us can enjoy the most local of foods.

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