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Man up.

As is with many trends, Seinfeld predicted the evolution of men. First there was the murse and then the manzier. Men are increasingly seeking attention and space to call their own, declaring all things fair game. From loves to looks to likes, it’s time to recognize that there is more than meets the eye for our guy’s guys. 
We’ve traditionally talked about women as primary shoppers and targets for the household segment, but men are now demanding more of our attention and looking for brands to uniquely understand them and their modern-day roles and dilemmas. 
Kelly Ravestijn, Strategic Planning Director

Handsome expectation. 

A Tribeca Film Festival favorite, Mansome depicts the efforts that modern men have to go through for the glory of being handsome. A must see.

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Mr. Mom and 
proud of it. 

Men are stepping up to do the hardest job of all: preparing the next generation for success. A shift in gender roles detailed in a new study by Boston College found that the number of stay-at-home fathers has grown from 1.6% in 2001 to 3.4% last year.

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Manly pinning. 

Yet another Pin Board Site for Men & Manly Interests. Dudepins follows in the footsteps of Manteresting, but hopes to be more successful, or at least make it out of Beta. Really guys? JUST USE Pinterest!

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Downward dude. 

Yoga for men = Broga. It is described as a yoga practice designed specifically for men. The practice, described as “strong, energetic and challenging,” focuses on postures that strengthen the core, tone muscles, reduce stress and provide clarity. 

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Daddy lessons. 

Moms could learn a thing or two from today's dedicated fathers. A list of many shifts in fathering that inspires moms to step up their game.  

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Legit bromance. 

It's official—bromance is now in the dictionary. Bromance: a close nonsexual friendship between men.

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