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Brands That Say “Bae”
Are On Fleek (Or On Point)

Advertisers know that millennials are a tough group to win over; and in an effort to target millennials, brands are starting to speak their language. By borrowing words like “bae” (meaning babe) and “on fleek” (or on point) and infusing them into their messaging, brands like Taco Bell and Denny’s are attempting to be more relevant and interactive. Instead of marketing to millennials, these brands are speaking with them, in a two-way dialogue, in a language the target is familiar with.
It’s no wonder generations before the millennials dislike when brands stoop down to the level of a teenager and use words that are “unprofessional” – they are simply not the target. Meanwhile, millennials are giving positive feedback by responding to these brands as they would with any of their friends.
It’s about humanizing your brand. It’s about building relationships. Rather than focusing on promoting a product, the focus lies in generating content that is culturally relevant and engaging. If the conversation is there, they’re doing it right.
Monica Navarro, Account Executive

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